Jul 29, 2013

Tracks *Blog Tour*

Title: Tracks
Author: Sarah Biermann
Genre: New Adult

When Harvard Law student, Dylan Ackhart, moves to Boston with her best friend- the last thing she expects to find is Jeremy Mason. Jeremy is sexy, smart, and passionate- and currently the most famous rock star in the world.

From the first moment Dylan meets Jeremy, she's attracted to him. But she soon finds the fame and press can wear on you. Plus, Jeremy seems to be hiding things from her- including his relationship with the mysterious blue-haired girl.

Tracks takes you on a ride through the not so glamorous side of dating a rock star- sex, drugs, rock and roll.

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    I finally look directly at Jeremy and everything in my body turns to butter. I tingle with electricity. He looks astonishing. It’s a hot day, and he has a sheen of sweat covering his body. His tight white T-shirt clings to his muscular chest. His dark jeans are again hanging low on his hips, exposing his hip bones. He’s barefoot and sleeveless, so casual yet he makes it look so elegant and beautiful. He has his signature grey guitar on his lap and a cigarette hanging from his gorgeous pink lips. He’s clean shaven today, which kind of disappoints me. I loved the way his face felt when it grazed against mine. I imagine for only a moment the way his stubble would feel against my inner thighs...

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.
In her debut novel “Tracks,” author Sarah Biermann has crafted an engaging and fast-paced tale of sex, drugs, rock and roll. “Tracks” tells the story of Harvard law student Dylan Ackhart and her whirlwind romance with music prodigy turned rock and roll bad boy, Jeremy Mason.
All work and no play have definitely made Dylan a dull girl but the years of sacrifice have paid off as she prepares to enter Harvard Law School. An unexpected gift of concert tickets puts Dylan directly in Jeremy’s path and even though the two are separated by hordes of adoring fans they have an instant connection.
His beautiful blue eyes are intense as he stares at me, piercing me through my soul. His face relaxes as he makes eye contact with me, seeming almost surprised himself.”
With a gorgeous face, epic talent, and endless charm, Jeremy sweeps Dylan off of her feet and drops her directly into his chaotic world.
 “His hand comes up above his head and he arches his back. He is a liquid sex rock star. I decide, in a 12-year-old girl kind of way, that he can acknowledge me whenever he wants…”
Dylan slowly begins to realize Jeremy’s bravado is a mask for serious issues, issues that she may not be able to handle. Infidelity and addiction become hot button topics and Dylan has to decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice to keep Jeremy.
“My whole life for the past ten years has been about making myself happy and doing what I want, and I don’t have the energy to change now. I will fucking lose it. So what do you want?! Do you want me to lose it?!”
Though a good read, “Tracks” occasionally gets bogged down with secondary, third, and sometimes fourth tier characters. First there’s the roommate who pushes Dylan towards Jeremy only to disappear as Jeremy’s issues mount. Then there’s the mysterious blue-haired girl who is constantly hovering around Jeremy. That’s not touching on the bodyguard, the violent/lustful groupies, and Dylan’s disapproving father.
Readers are also introduced to Scott, a super-hot super-wealthy law student and potential rival for Dylan’s affections. At times the connection between Dylan and Scott seemed more real and much stronger to me than the one between Dylan and Jeremy. I made a note as I read - “rock star = jerk, law student = awesome.”
 “Tracks” doesn’t end with a cliff-hanger or a HEA but does provide a satisfying end point. I’m eager to see what Biermann has in store for the characters in the planned follow-up “Trials.”
Check out “Tracks” and show this promising new author some support.
Happy reading. 

Sarah Biermann, RN, BSN was born Wilmington, Delaware and grew up in Claymont. She attended Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Wilmington for high school, majoring in creative writing. She went on to Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, PA for her Associates Degree in Nursing. She recently graduated Drexel University with her BSN in nursing and is currently in their Masters program for nursing education. Sarah's nursing specialty is in drugs and alcohol detox and rehab.

Sarah has been married to her husband, Jon, for 8 years. She has two beautiful daughters: Anna, age 7, and Quinn, age 2. They live in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

She enjoys reading, singing, art, music, television, going to the movies, Hershey Park, and writing. "Tracks"- the first book in the "Rock Bottom" series- is her first book.

Sarah is currently working on the second book in the "Rock Bottom" series- titled "Trials"- coming soon.


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1. Kiss From a Rose- Seal
2. Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley
3. In Your Eyes- Peter Gabriel
4. Mirrors- Justin Timberlake
5. Big Shot- Billy Joel
6. Happiness is a Warm Gun- Beatles
7. Baby's on Fire- Jonathan Rhys Meyers
8. Barely Breathing- Dunkin Sheik
9. Behind Blue Eyes- The Who
10. Breaking the Habit- Linkin Park
11. Extraterrestrial- Katie Perry
12. Circle The Drain- Katie Perry
13. Hummingbird Heartbeat- Katie Perry
14. Heroin- The Velvet Underground
15. Come To Your Senses- show "Tick Tick Boom!"
16. I Want You/She's So Heavy- Beatles
17. Locked Out Of Heaven- Bruno Mars
18. Your Song- Elton John
19. I Drink Alone- George Thorogood
20. Take A Bow- Rihanna
21. This Time- Jonathan Rhys Meyers

22. While My Guitar Gently Weeps- Beatles

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Jul 24, 2013

In Spades *Blog Tour*

Avalynn has been running from her past for a couple of years now....never very far but always extremely fast. With an alcoholic father, a void of a mother and a town full of gossip, she struggles to find her place in the world.The only thing that saved her on her path of self destruction is her beautiful little sister, her miracle. Desperately trying to save Abby from a life that Avalynn has been trying so hard to escape from, she plots to take Abby away.The plan going dangerously astray, leaving Avalynn beaten and broken in what once was the hallway mirror in her childhood home. Avalynn finally comes to in the hospital after nearly being beaten to death. Father-Dead, Mother-Missing, Abby-In foster care--Everything changing in the blink of an eye.

Avalynn immediately sets to work to get her life in order , receive custody of precious Abby and focusing every ounce of attention, giving Abby the the life she deserves. Avalynn, now a 22 year old Elementary School Teacher and New Mommy, struggling to raise a beautiful and feisty five year old whom was just diagnosed with Mild Autism Disorder. Lots of challenges for her to face in the midst. Avalynn is ready to go at them all head on if it means Abby is raised in a happy and healthy home. Abby is the only thing she cares about...not even caring about herself or her life...that is...until she meets him. The man that can shatter her entire world with one glance. Their relationship a roller coaster ride from start to finish. One that Avalynn never wants to get off of..but she may not have a choice. Her happily ever after coming to a screeching halt yet again. Heartbreak, love, loss and hope--This story has it all, In Spades.

“Did you have a good day at school Abby girl?” I asked her in between bites of my ice-cream.

“Yea…I guess….” Abby didn’t look all that convinced and I immediately wonder what could be going on.
“Is there something the matter Abby? You’ve got to tell Mommy if you are having any issues so that I can fix them. I can’t read your mind sweetheart.” I reached out and grabbed her little hand, giving a little kiss to the top.
“I’m okay.”
She was relentless, so I left well enough alone. I would have to keep an eye on her and make sure everything was going good in school. I know that the doctor had told me when she was initially diagnosed with the autism that she would have mood swings and also be easily overwhelmed. I hoped that it wasn’t anything I’d done and not realized, but all I could do was ask Mrs. Anderson if there was anything going on and go from there.
 I felt a warm body slide into the booth next to me, interrupting my thoughts. By the way my body was humming; I could already tell who it was. It was almost eerie how in tune my body was to his. Abby’s face lit up instantly and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. My heart instantly warmed and I looked over, not at all surprised to see my beautiful stranger. I couldn’t stop the ear to ear smile spreading across my face either.
“Hey beautiful.” He looked directly into my eyes and I felt myself swooning.
“Hi...” I said shyly back.
“I thinkkk he was talking to me Mommy.” Abby’s little voice piped up from her side of the booth.
“You’re right Ab, I was talking to you. You know you’re my number one girl. But you both are very beautiful. “
I could see a little blush spread across Abby’s face and knew I couldn’t deny that we were related if it ever came down to it. Daxton even had her wrapped around his finger and usually it was the other way around for Abby. I was happy that she liked him and they got along. I couldn’t imagine myself getting caught up in anybody that didn’t like children or didn’t understand my situation. I didn’t want to let him go. It was a relief I wouldn’t have to, at least not for reasoning that I could control.
I took a spoonful of ice-cream and held it out for Daxton to take a bite. I missed his mouth and some of it dribbled down his chin. I took my napkin and wiped it off but I couldn’t help but laugh. Abby laughed, too. Daxton smiled wide and went up to the counter to get his own ice-cream. Not wanting to take the chance of me spilling more all over him I’m guessing. I was enjoying doing it, loving the combination of my two favorite things; ice-cream and Daxton. My taste buds were tingling at the thought. The young high school girl taking Daxton’s order was getting all flustered by him. He had that effect on people, without even really doing anything. He came back to the table with a root beer float and three spoons.
“We already have our own ice-cream.” I told him.
 “Well, mine’s better; now both of you take a bite.”
 Abby didn’t hesitate in the slightest, as she had already finished hers a couple of minutes before. She grabbed a heaping pile on her spoon and slid it into her tiny mouth, making a mess all over her face. She looked adorable. Daxton picked up a spoon and gave me some also. It was delicious. It had been so long since I had a root beer float.
They were my mother’s favorite. The fizzy sensation popping in my mouth and the cold yet soothing vanilla ice-cream instantly brought a memory back to me. Never wanting to welcome the memories or bring them to the surface. I was forever pushing them deep down, hoping that it was all a bad dream. This was almost a welcomed memory. I could see my mom’s long blonde hair and deep hazel eyes looking down at me. I could feel the warmth in her smile and the smell of hazelnut which was only unique to her.
“I brought a treat home today Avabug.” My mom pulled a grocery bag out from behind her back and began to unload the contents on the counter.
“Let me see Mommy!” I wasn’t tall enough to see over the counter and couldn’t maneuver myself too well because my leg was broken in several places and placed in a bright pink cast, my favorite color.
 It seemed like my mom always tried to make up for daddy doing wrong. Daddy wasn’t always bad. He did try to teach me how to ride a bike and when I couldn’t get the hang of it and fell down on the pavement scraping my knee and crying, he got mad. I knew I should have just sucked it up and been a big girl, but I couldn’t help it. It had really hurt. He walked away without so much as helping me up and stormed into the house. Embarrassed of what the neighbors would think of a crying little girl that was ten years old and still didn’t know how to ride a bike. He was always ashamed of me. I didn’t blame him.
Later that night, right after dinner, mom asked me how the bike riding had gone. Dad immediately got red in the face and threw his plate to the ground. He stormed towards me and pushed me with all of his might onto the floor, knocking the wind out of me and causing my leg to snap in a direction that I never knew was possible. He stumbled away not even caring to check on me as I wailed out in pain.
My mom picked me up and drove me to the emergency room, crying the entire drive. She told them that I had fallen down the stairs and even laughed a little with the doctor that came in to check me out. I was a clumsy child after all. They reset the fractures and placed my leg into a cast. I was able to go home by morning.
Mommy made sure to give me a lot of love and affection while we were away from daddy. When we returned home that morning she went back to her usual quiet self. Dad left the house around Six PM to head to the bar with his friends. He had the same routine every night when my mom came home from work. I don’t even know why he bothered to wait until then. I fended for myself all day anyway.  I mostly hid in my room, reading or coloring. I loved when he was gone even though I knew that wasn’t very nice of me. Mom pulled root beer soda and vanilla ice cream out of the bag that she held behind her back. I wasn’t picky when it came to ice cream, I would take what I could get. I knew this was mommy’s favorite treat though, so I tried to act extra excited.
“Yummy mommy, pour me a big glass pleaseee.” I stuck my bottom lip out and gave her my best puppy dog expression.
Her eyes lit up and her dimples peaked on the surface of her sunken in skin. For a minute, she almost looked healthy. I could tell that it was in making me happy when she felt the most alive. My mom reminded me of a walking and breathing zombie. Being alive but not really living, just going through the motions. The love that my dad and she had shared died long before and I didn’t think there was any chance of them getting it back. I know she only stuck around because she was afraid of him and afraid of leaving me behind. Knowing that she could never just run away with me, he would find her and the end result wouldn’t be pretty.
She poured us both a large glass and put both a spoon and a straw in each, just the way I liked it. She lifted me up into the stool that sat at the island counter top we had in our kitchen and perched herself in the stool beside me. We enjoyed our treat and each other’s company. It was completely silent with the exception of a random slurping noise or a gulp, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I remember that was one memory when my mom was truly happy. She smiled over at me and it was a beautiful sight.
“Is it any good babe?” Daxton asked me, snapping me out of my day dream.
“It’s perfect. Thank you.” I said to him and I truly meant it. 

22 years old. Lives in a small farm town. Work full times as a Manager for an assisted living program for mentally challenged adults. I love my job. :) Getting my degree in music therapy.

Check out the second book preview!

Title: House of Cards (Mirrored #2)

Expected Release date – August 2013


Daxton James holds the world in the palm of his hands. He has finally met the love of his life and is more than ready to start a family with her and her precious daughter, Abby. He has the best friends that anyone could ask for, a career doing two things he loves the most-music and helping people and his family piecing themselves back together, slowly but surely. Everything has fallen into place in his life and he couldn't be more happy about it.

There is only one problem---He can’t remember any of it.

Daxton was involved in a serious accident which has left him fighting for his life, while his loved ones wait in the midst, unsure if he is even going to come out of it alive. Thankfully he does, but his short term memory can’t say the same. He only remembers the Daxton he had been years previous. The playboy, the rock star and hopelessly devoted to a woman that is not Avalynn Wright.

The doctors tell Avalynn to just let his memory come back on it’s own and to not push him too much, fearful that forcing his memory will cause permanent scarring and trauma. Avalynn is so thankful to have Daxton alive, that if letting him go will keep him happy and healthy, she will do just that, even if it means killing off herself; bit by bit. Avalynn struggles to get a grasp on what is a reality and what is created by the stresses of her life which causes her to downward spiral, with nobody there to break her fall.

Will Avalynn and Daxton make it through this or is their relationship built only as strong as a House of Cards, ready to crumble at any moment?

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Jul 21, 2013


“I had my first psychic dream when I was nine. Psychic implied power, and powerful wasn’t a word I’d use to describe myself. I couldn’t foretell the future or conjure visions at will, but I couldn’t think of a more fitting word to describe what I sometimes saw in my dreams.”

For 23-year-old Mackenzie Hill, tossing her life down the garbage disposal is easy after a painful incident shatters her life. Her heart is bleeding, and moving to Watcher’s Point is a chance to start anew, only she isn’t prepared for the guy who walks out of her dreams and into the flesh. Literally . . . because she’s been dreaming about this sexy stranger for years. 

Mackenzie is even less prepared to face the dark nature of her dreams. They’ve turned disturbingly gruesome, full of blood and murder, and when they begin to coincide with the media’s headlines, she and Aidan realize her visions might be the key to stopping a madman from killing again.

Only Aidan has painful secrets of his own, and perhaps the biggest danger of all is falling for him.

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

Christina Jean Michaels debut novel “Epiphany” is an engrossing and intense romantic suspense story that hooked me early. Once I started reading it I had a hard time putting it down for pesky things like sleep, work, or paying attention to my hubby (sorry babe). I could not believe that this was a book from a first time author. Also, I have a special place in my heart for books that gross genres and “Epiphany” does that very skillfully. There’s mystery, danger, romance, and a steaminess that’s trademark New Adult. This is a very solid read.

Twenty-three year-old Mackenzie Hill is doing her best to restart her life in her mother’s hometown of Watcher’s Point. The problem is the prophetic dreams that have haunted her since she was a child are getting more violent and more terrifying. She trudges through day-to-day life until she’s faced with her literal ‘dream man’ Aidan Payne. Mackenzie knows Aidan’s face well as he’s been featured in her nighttime visions for years. His entrance into her life is anything but accident.

“In the middle of the funhouse chaos stood the man I’d dreamed about countless times. He turned away, but not before I glimpsed despair in his eyes.” 

Aidan lost his wife to a serial killer by the name of the Boise Hangman and he’s out for revenge. They key to finding the madman responsible lies in those frightening dreams that Mackenzie can’t stop.

“My dreams held me prisoner in fragmented horror. Sound bites of tortured pleas… a flash of waves trailing down the naked curve of a woman’s back…” 

Mackenzie and Aidan have amazing chemistry and the development of their relationship is believable. Both have suffered tremendous losses but continue to fight without coming across as whiny or desperate. The two are damaged but doing the best they can to move cope and move forward. Their struggle to accept a little happiness with each other while faced with mounting danger is touching.

“Though we didn’t voice it, the fear was there stifling the air. He couldn’t guarantee his safety any more than I could mine, and the fact that I’d dreamed of his death was something I suspected neither of us wanted to face.” 

Michaels does a great job of keeping the reader guessing. When the Big Bad of the story was finally revealed, I was pleasantly surprised and confess I had pegged the wrong character.

“His expression was so empty – distorted into something unrecognizable – that if took me a few seconds to realize who towered over me. I couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing.” 

My one small complaint (and it’s a super teeny one) is that the story at points almost feels too big. Michaels has ambitiously crafted a very detailed world with multiple plot elements and sometimes it got hard for me to hone in on what should be the core focus of the story. Poor Mackenzie has to juggle hiding a life-time of psychic visions, coping with the after effects of being violently assaulted, being betrayed by her childhood sweetheart, lies about her paternity, dealing with a jealous/drunk possible half-sister, unwanted attention from an insistent suitor, and becoming a potential target of a serial killer. Then there’s Aidan coping with the death of his wife, the loss of his journalism career, the interference of his super wealthy/super powerful father, odd interactions with his empathic brother, lies about his paternity, alcohol dependency, and the growing task of keeping Mackenzie safe. 

Separately all of the pieces are interesting and very well written but put together as the story builds; it occasionally feels a tad too much. The large scope of the story may tie in to the fact that “Epiphany” is part of a planned series called “Legacy of Payne.” The second novel in the story will be called “Awakening,” and will focus on Logan Payne, Aidan’s brother.

Overall, I found “Epiphany” to be an exciting, enjoyable read and I highly recommend checking it out. “Awakening” will be going straight onto my TBR list and I’m looking forward to see what Christina Jean Michaels has in-store next.

Happy Reading.

Lisa's Review on Confessions Collection Vol 1.

Descend into a world of deception, depravity, decadence, desire and desperation…

In the opulent setting of London's aristocracy, lives a young woman fractured into two distinct individuals, one face with multiple facets.

One fa├žade, a whore, London Brown, who will confess unfathomable truths, the other, a loving daughter, Desniah Williams will pull back the curtain to reveal what lurks in the shadows. 

Caden Jacob Carrington V, a politician will do anything to reclaim the woman he lost, including dredging up pains of the past. 

Rhys Christos Edward Stowell, a philanthropist will fight to win the woman he loves while baring the darkness of his soul.

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

WARNING: Reader beware, this book has strong BDSM content as well as scenes/descriptions of dubious consent, the after effects of childhood sexual abuse, and self-injury. This book is not for the faint of heart, or the easily offended.

I read a lot, on average a book every other day (hubby travels and my little one goes to bed at 8:30). There are books I love, there are books I don’t but the majority are easy for me to process. There are very few books that make me stop, books that make me need to take a break from reading because I need time to process the story I just put into my mind. Confessions Collection Vol. 1 (London Brown) is one of those books, a read I couldn’t put down and then couldn’t let go.

Confessions Collection Vol. 1 is told from four POV’s – Desniah Williams, London Brown, Caden Jacob Carrington the fifth, and Rhys Christos Edward Stowell. From the outside these characters are the upper crust of British society, they’re London power players. Image isn’t everything and power is a facade. Internally, each character is flawed or broken, almost to the point of breaking.

Desniah Williams is a young, affluent, and educated black woman living in London. She’s a daughter of privilege. She’s also the victim of childhood sexual abuse. To cope, her mind fractures creating London Brown, a confident and sexually adventurous prostitute. London works for The Agency, a high-class escort service catering to London’s elite males. London is open to anything, especially things that cause her pain. London acts out and Desniah cleans up after.

“To say I am messed up is like saying the devil is evil, simply a matter of fact. I am me, myself, and London.” 

Caden Jacob Carrington the fifth is a politician on the rise, there are even rumblings about a future as Prime Minister. Years ago he left his childhood sweetheart Desniah behind for a job assignment from his father. He’s returned to London desperate to get Desniah back and he’s willing to do anything to get her, even if that means dealing directly with London.

“The girl I'd lost many years ago was the ghost I was determined to chase down. I loved her more than any person in the world, including myself, which made me a dangerous man.” 

Rhys Christos Edward Stowell is a young philanthropist struggling to define himself. Rhys is brilliant man with multiple prospects, none of which he finds appealing. In the decision between an emotional relationship with Desniah or a physical with London, he picked Desniah hands down. His heart might be true but his mind is brutally dark and the thoughts he has about Desniah may make her run screaming.

“Beguiled by a woman who uses the oldest profession to torture herself and punish those that love her, I’m ever her dutiful friend. The rebellious son of an elder in the Church of Christ. A man without direction.” 

Confessions Collection Vol. 1 is a crazy roller coaster ride and I held on tight through the turns of light to dark, sad to exciting, hot to frightening. What makes this story sing for me is the multiple POV’s, DeSint does an amazing job of giving each character their own voice. Every quirk, every personal pain, every twisted pleasure is clearly communicated. I couldn’t help but be drawn into their highs and feel hurt by their lows.

To reiterate my earlier warning about the content of this story – there are no hearts and flowers and there is definitely not a HEA. These characters equate love with pain and they are willing to inflict as well as receive it. For those only familiar with BDSM in the forms of a certain Mr. Grey and his “Red Room of Pain” – one scene with London and two of her clients will make that room look like the waiting room at a dentist’s office. Much like London, if you hold through it you’ll find yourself rewarded.

This book is a worthy read and for my final honest thoughts I’m going to let DeSint’s main character speak for me:

“My breathing quickened to a pant. I didn't like this, and yet it thrilled me. As I've said, I'm into some sick shit.” 

Happy Reading.

Jul 19, 2013

Lifeless *Blog Tour*

Ages 18+ due to sexual content and language

After graduating from the University of South Alabama, Scarlett Moore discovers her boyfriend of five months is actually married with a child on the way. Feeling used and heartbroken, she decides it’s time to take her best friend Jules’ advice to move to Atlanta and live with her. There, Jules helps her get a job at Entertainment Atlanta, where she works as an entertainment insurance agent. It’s not Scarlett’s dream job, but it’s better than not having a job at all, and who wouldn’t mind working with famous people, right?

Then she gets assigned to EA’s newest client, Kade Evans, rock star turned actor. Not only is he a drug addict, he’s also known for never dating the same girl twice. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, has an amazing voice, and good acting skills, but he’s also arrogant and intense.

At their first meeting, the chemistry between them is undeniable. 

The love that comes later is unexpected.

But Kade’s life is full of secrets. His past has now intruded on his present and when Scarlett finds out what his secrets are, the real deception begins.

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Don’t let the title fool you, “Lifeless” by J.M. La Rocca is anything but. Fast-paced and utterly addictive, this story sucked me in from page one. La Rocca has skillfully crafted two amazing leads that I fell hard for. There’s Scarlett, a hard-knock heroine with a heart of gold and a spirit of steel, and Kade, a swoon worthy damaged rock God that will have you breathing heavy while still feeling the need to occasionally shake some sense into him.  “Lifeless” is a solid sexy romance with a surprising mystery element that left me eager for more.
“Lifeless” opens with Scarlett ‘Letti’ Moore low on options and out of hope. Life has never been kind to Scarlett. Her dad split when she was seven and her mom’s response was to find solace in booze, drugs, and countless loser boyfriends. The Prince Charming Scarlett took a chance on and gave her virginity to, well he turned out to a major toad, the married with a baby on the way kind of toad. When Scarlett’s long time BFF Jules calls with an offer for a fresh start in Georgia, Scarlett jumps at the chance.
Embracing her new career as Insurance Agent alongside Jules at Entertainment Atlanta, Scarlett gives herself little opportunity for fun let alone the chance to meet someone. That changes when a wild girls night with Jules leads to Scarlett dirty dancing with what she believes is a gorgeous stranger. The only problem is that stranger turns out to be Kade Evans, leader singer of Perfectly Damaged, and their dance was definitely not an accident.
Kade is in town for and acting gig and his history of drug abuse and hard partying requires a baby sitter on set. Research into EA helped him set his sights on Scarlett and Kade is determined that his relationship with her will be a lot more then professional.  As much as Scarlett struggles to protect her job and heart, she finds her attraction to Kade is undeniable.
“He lowered his head and rubbed his nose against the top curve of my ear. My forehead was starting to sweat, and my heart felt as though it were about to beat out of my chest. All I could do was stand there and feel the heat that both of our bodies were creating.”
The connection between Scarlett and Kade crackles throughout “Lifeless.” The two have definite heat and certain scenes had me checking my Kindle for scorch marks. What I loved is that the characters seemed genuinely interested in knowing and understanding each other outside of a bedroom setting. I appreciated La Rocca giving the characters time to bond and the lunchtime Q&A sessions between Kade and Scarlett are a standout for me. Kade’s upbringing turns out to have been just as rough as Scarlett’s and the bond the two forms adds some sweetness to their relationship.
“Lifeless” does not end with a HEA but a whopper of a cliffhanger. This is one of the rare instances that I found myself not minding a cliffhanger. Scarlett and Kade are great characters and I’m eager to see where there story takes them. Also, La Rocca has created an intriguing universe where even the secondary characters seem worthy of their own off-shoot stories (Jules please).
Check out “Lifeless” today, you won’t regret. As for me, I’m going to start counting the days to Scarlett and Kade’s follow-up story “My Beautiful (Lifeless #2)” is released. Happy reading.

I received an ARC for exchange for an honest review.

I've had a passion for reading and writing for as long as I can remember. It has always been an escape for one reason or another. Now, I'm taking that passion and turning it into a book. My debut book Lifeless will be released late summer 2013. I can't wait for you to read this story that has been brewing in my head for over a year. :)

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Jul 17, 2013

Inevitable *Blog Tour*

Title: Inevitable (Harmony series #1)
Author: Angela Graham
Genre: New Adult

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Cassandra Clarke, fresh out of college and living on her own, isolates herself from the humiliation that rocked her world a year earlier.
Everything in her life is simple and easy until Logan West, the single father full of mystery and sex appeal, moves into the empty estate next door. A guy who easily attracts the attention of available women in town with one carefree smile.

Cassandra is not looking for another heartbreak and stands her ground, but finds it impossible to stay away from the charming stranger when his four-year-old son, Oliver, takes an interest in her childhood tree house.

It is through Oliver where Cassandra’s eyes begin to open to a side of Logan very few people know. The rough edges and arrogant front shed away, leaving the compassionate, yet broken side of him exposed, and finally opening the possibilities to a genuine friendship.
A friendship that is constantly shaken by the undeniable connection building between them.

With temptation arising every time they are near, Cassandra fights to remind herself exactly why Logan isn’t capable of loving her the way she deserves, or is he?

With an unwavering gaze, I slowly ran my fingers across my stomach and up to the shoulder over my slip. Caressing the silky fabric of the strap, I bit my bottom lip and smoothly slid it over my sun-bronzed shoulder. My lips twitched into a ghost of a smile.

Tentatively my finger hooked under the second strap, my breath ragged as my body reacted to the sight of his tongue darting out and licking his lips. My confidence grew with every movement he made, and without hesitation, I slid down the strap. I held the gown to my chest, not willing to fully treat him to an undeserving meal as I turned around to face the pool.

Laughing softly to myself at my brazen actions, I released my hand allowing the slip to fall lasciviously down over my hips and pool at my feet.

* I purchased this book, but was recently requested to give an honest review*

I did it to myself... Yes, I take full responsibility. I started reading this book knowing full well that I was heading toward a cliff and even then when I got to it I still screamed. "Angela Graham, you evil, no good woman, how could you do this to me?! A cliffhanger?" Okay, so yea that was a bit dramatic and I think I may have used expletives actually when I turned the page of the book and it said, 'LOOK FOR BOOK TWO: THE CONCLUSION OF LOGAN AND CASSANDRA'S STORY FALL 2013'!!!!! BUT umm no! I want it now!!!


Sweet and sexy Cassandra is a 22 year old Kindergarten teacher. We begin our journey with her standing outside of her apartment building with best friend Hilary staring at the skank in town's white jeep. Cassie does what any naive heroine hoping for a misunderstanding would do except with a twist...She races upstairs and catches her boyfriend Mark's stupid "it's not what you think and I can explain" ass in bed with the hooch and knocks his ass out! That is when I fell in love with her...Okay, I crushed on her a bit. I would have been more impressed if another punch had been smashed into the tramp's face, but I'll settle for the chuckle I got out of picturing it.

One year post-breakup we find Cassie living outside of town in a home left to her by her grandparents. She loves the peace and quiet and is thrilled with her life. In jogs Cassie's new neighbor - Logan. And what does this new neighbor look like? Well.... he has dark wavy hair and blue eyes, but that is about as much info as I can give you. Oh, and he has an excellent body. Yummy *wink*


If this man jogged behind me each morning... I might take up jogging. Hell, that's laughable but, I'd take up walking. Logan was hot and cold for me. I really liked him as a dad. I thought he was overprotective at times, but I understand the need to protect one's child especially when the mom is awful. Other times... I don't know. I just didn't find him to be the best man-whore I've ever read about and when it seemed at times his whoring ways were being rubbed in Cassie's face, I was rubbed the wrong way. We don't learn a lot about Logan directly but rather through conversations that arise from the blooming of Logan and Cassie's friendship. We do know that he has three siblings and he does a lot for his sister Julia. He dibbles here and there so he is wealthy and is a wonderful artist. He surprised me at times too. Christmas made my day. My heart melted and that is when the scales tipped for me. I swooned for that man. Hmm, betcha wanna know what he got her huh? BUT then he had to go and be the jackass... *I wish I could kick his ass!* My favorite part about Logan though is that I believed his character as a father and I think he knew that the best thing in his life was Oliver.


Gosh, I'm in love with this kid. I really find him so endearing and I'd like to snatch him up. I teach preschool... Did I mention that? He reads too which is a rarity at 4. He's a smart little cookie already way ahead of his peers. I'd like to see him be a little bit ornerier as he gets older and maybe lose the mom on a pedestal thing, but hey, his personality is pretty spot on for the kids his age.

Since being a one night stand for Logan was off the table, Cassie and Logan's friendship was a beautiful growth. I really liked them spending time together like at the pumpkin patch or flying a kite with Oliver. Julia's shocking revelation and the way Logan took a stand for Cassie scored him points for me. Ha! *Displays inappropriate finger*

Cassie gets a few on top moments, but Logan dominates the relationship. Best Cassie moment was definitely the pool.

My favorite scene is Cassie being sexy and fierce to Logan:

"A hotel? Really!" I hissed. "I'm a woman, not some piece of meat. I have no interest in going to some hotel, for some one-night stand with a man that cannot even talk about his own son without cringing. You can go around with your fancy cars and expensive suits but you have nothing I'm interested in!" With a sudden turn, I headed straight to my table, and collected my bag. As I walked past him to leave, I leaned in and whispered, "And by the way, I enjoyed your pool very much. It's a shame you'll never get me that wet!"

I best liked Cassie and Oliver's relationship and thought their relationship had good depth. The connections they made through dinners and nights in the tree house made me excited as a mom.

The ending is where I got a little jolted. I knew something was going to happen even though I didn't know what. I didn't have any spoilers to point me in any particular direction, but I wish that the book would have had two more chapters before the "event" happened because it was too fast for me. I wanted Logan to be more verbal with his feelings prior to that night and Christmas was a good start. With the author knowing that this wasn't going to be a nicely wrapped up novel with a bow, I would have wanted just a bit more squeezed in there so that I could actually feel the full effect from Logan's pov when we got it or if his pov had been intermixed a bit more maybe that would have been better. I don't know. I'm not an author just a reader, but that is where it lost me a bit. I just couldn't connect as fast with his feelings at the end because they were so bold too soon.

I'm hearing that I have to wait until October to read more! Ahh... hmmm, can I beg for sooner? Here is what I hope... I want more spice. The pool scene was freakin' hot so I know that the author has it in her and I know Logan is a kinky one... hello threesome... so I want that to come out and definitely more Oliver! I love him! Cassie's strong, lovable, and independent and I hope she stays that way. I don't want a whiny heroine!

Good job on a great novel!

*Images are not mine and are used for entertainment purposes only*

I am happily married to my husband of five years, have three wonderful children and a beautiful feline companion that keeps me company during late night writing binges.

My love of reading has been life long but it was in early 2012 when I was inspired to finally put pen to paper and write my first story. Since then I haven't been able to stop, fueled purely by my passion to write a story and create characters that readers will enjoy.

New Adult romances are my go to books to read as well as to write. They are young, fresh and full of hope. What's not to love!

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