Jul 10, 2013

A Little Bit of Crazy, & A Little Bit of Us

I'm strong, I'm passionate, I'm free.
At least I was until my father asked me to marry his handsome, charming and completely gorgeous right hand man who was also a sort of friend to myself. I agreed of course, mainly because it was his last dying wish to see me with someone who he knew would treat me well.
Will I love him? Will I hate him? 
Maybe both with a little bit of crazy
I know I'll fail, I'm selfish, self-centered and shallow. I just hope he's prepared for when I do.
This is our story, it has: a Channing Tatum poster, a long lost brother, a bony blonde and a promiscuous female friend, plus a hot shot star and the one and only sinus blocker Sylvia. Now throw in a crazy lady and a man who would do anything for her (meaning myself and James) and you have our story. Or the first part of it.
*Recommended for readers aged 17+ due to some sexual content and strong language*

I was given this book for an honest review for Amber's Reading Room. I'm going to give it 4 crazy stars!

When I first started reading A Little Bit of Crazy, I thought Maya was going to annoy the shit out of me and for a portion of the book she did! However, I really ended up liking Maya.

My casting:

Maya is a 23 year old party girl. She adores her father who raised her as a single parent and would do anything for him including marrying his right hand man -James- because he is terminally ill. While she is ditzy and a little crazy at times, Maya is intelligent and business minded.

James is a 26 year old businessman in the pharmaceutical world. He was Maya's father's protege and the man her father wanted Maya to marry. He was adopted when he was five and raised by his mother Sylvia. We never meet his adoptive father, but do discuss later that he died a few years ago.

The story begins with Maya's father discussing her future and telling her that his chemo treatments have failed. Maya is distraught as she loves her father dearly and hates the idea of him not being there for her in the future.

As we enter chapter one we learn that Maya and James have married and that her father has passed. As the story progresses we learn about Maya's partying and the things she did in the year leading up to their wedding. We also watch as the two come to love each other and find that maybe feelings ran deeper than initially thought. There are many unanswered questions that get resolved in book 2, but nothing that deters from the story. I would have liked book 1 to have more of those details, but none the less, I liked it. Things I wanted to know were how he proposed, why he agreed to propose, how long did they know each other etc, but don't worry... everything comes in due time.

We learn that James is adopted and that he had an older brother. His mother that adopted him is evil at times and I really didn't like her character. James is stuck at finding out who his brother is so Maya makes it her mission to find him. She finds James' older brother and keeps it a secret until she can find out for sure that it is him. She wanted to surprise James, but unfortunately... Maya is the one who gets the surprise. At 90% I started screaming WTF JAMES! Don't worry Maya... I punched his ass through my screen (see that crack?) Trust was such a huge issue and I think I just couldn't get over James and his trust issues. In relationships there has to be balances and he was always so suspicious! Ugh... The story ends shortly after on not what I'd call a cliffhanger, but definitely it was a point where I was saying thank goodness I have book 2!!

What I liked was how funny Maya was. I laughed throughout the book. Maya battles her inner monologue often and her libido is quite the comedian. I liked the supporting characters. I'm glad Maya had many friends and I liked watching her evolve as a person. I'm enjoyed that the story is told from Maya's pov. It helps keep things in suspense as to what is coming especially from James and it helped me see how much Maya grew in the novel.

What I didn't like was I kept saying I wish this were set in England. I love the fact that the author studied American culture and tried to challenge herself, but she writes British mannerisms often and the phrases, words, and jokes would be better suited for a British character. I think that is why I read other reviews that criticized her grammar and writing style. While there were some editing issues, I don't think that all of them were editing problems, but rather phrasings that aren't typical in America. We just don't say some of those things! I also didn't care for Maya at times because I felt she was so teen-ish. Her behaviors had me thinking... really?

Overall I applaud Alexandra on her first novel. I will write a review on book 2 which will get a higher rating and hope in the future she will let me review Lucas' story because oh my... He has some naughty things going on. I just know it!

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I remember the time I was free, I didn't care to love, I only cared about myself.
Now I'm stuck. Stuck with a man who destroyed my heart, stuck in a protective bubble that keeps me from reality.
What happens when that bubble pops? 
What happens when reality hits me in the face?
How will I cope with my new life, my new future? 
Will I ever forgive James? I want to... but what if I can't?
So many questions... .read the concluding part of mine and James' story for the answers. Will we get our HEA?

*Recommended for readers aged 17+ due to some sexual content and strong language*

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Do not read this review if you haven't read part one!!! I was given this book for an honest review for Amber's Reading Room. I give this book 4.5 crazy stars!

So we hit book 2 with Maya staring at two blue lines. We know what that means and hello! It had to happen especially since Maya was so dead set against having a child, but I loved how she was with Amelia and was like yea... she needs a baby girl of her own.

I ended book 1 and was like who needs James that effin' a-hole. He was such a douche that I just couldn't forgive him. I didn't think Maya would either. ALEXANDRA?!? How the frick did you convince me that by the end of book 2 I wanted them to be together. Logically my mind is like really?!? He is a cheater and you still want them together? He dated while she was pregnant and you still want them to be together? Not only did he date, he got ready in front of her, texted his girlfriend in front of her, and asked Maya to meet his girlfriend that she already knew and you still convinced me they should be together?!? BLAH WHAT?!? That takes skills... Good job Alexandra. I think not only did Maya grow up, but I can tell that you as an author grew as well. Congrats!

Now back to the story. We go on the journey of pregnancy with Maya and yeah James is around in there too at times as that annoying fly you just can't swat fast enough. I'm glad Maya didn't always take his crap. I couldn't move past it. I sat in couples counseling with them and heard it all. I think that is what did it for me... yea we will go with that. Damn couples counseling. You made me look at it from all angles and listen to James.

I couldn't believe James cheated on Maya in the way that he did. The pictures he took and everything was a horrible thing to do and I would have knocked blonde's lights out when I ran into her later. Pregnancy hormones would have taken over. I did like how feisty Maya was, but it did get to be too much for me at times. She was wishy-washy and gave mixed signals too. However, by the middle I was like Maya quit being stubborn and get yourself back together with James. He was so sweet to her and doted on Maya. I loved it every time he kissed her baby bump. I wish she would have embraced pregnancy more, but I know that isn't who she was and she was very realistic to how some women feel.

I laughed a lot in this book. As I said in my review of book 1, I wish it was set in England so that more of the humor would be fit for the character. I saw a lot more differences come out in this book throughout the pregnancy. Terms and such that we don't use, but really to me they aren't a big deal. I found the ham and peanut butter thing funny since when I was pregnant I was told not to eat ham, but he said it was fine for me to indulge in my craving of peanut butter and boy did I ever. I should have owned stock in Jiffy!

The other characters emerged more and Lucas stands out the most to me. I can't wait to read his story. I'm glad the way book 2 concluded and I hope to see the family pop up in future books so we can keep in touch with them.

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