Jul 3, 2013


"Beyond exceptional!" "A real page turner" "Loved it!" "Could not put down" "Thrilling romance!" "Twists and turns" "A must read!" 

 "It is an honest to goodness, take-your-breath-away romance novel that is utterly addicting. It was 3 am when I finished this book. I honestly refused to go to bed until I was done reading it. There are not enough words to describe how much I LOVE THIS BOOK!" Amazon reviewer
I know this has to stop. Something has to give. A person cannot die of a broken heart. Believe me, I know. I’ve been waiting—and it’s just not happening.
What would you do in the face of the ultimate betrayal? This is the question facing the characters in MK Harkins’s riveting debut novel, Intentional. They will soon learn, however, that when love is involved, nothing is ever quite as it seems.

Mattie and Jeremy are engaged to be married and looking forward to a lifetime of love. It all crumbles away, however, when Mattie comes across evidence of a massive betrayal. Mattie flees to Washington in an attempt to start a new life and meets Cade, a tattooed engineer by day and a lead singer in a rock band by night. Their mutual attraction enflames Mattie, even as her heart still aches for her former fiancé. Just when it appears that Mattie may have found another stab at happiness, her past comes rushing back. As events unfold, it becomes clear to Mattie that things in her past may not have been quite what they seemed. Will Mattie ever learn the truth behind what really happened? And if she does, could it mean a new beginning with Jeremy, or will it be too late?
Readers will instantly be swept up in the saga of love and heartbreak that unfolds. Offering a rarely-before-seen glimpse into the heart and mind of a romantic villain, audiences will find a welcome reprieve from the typical romance novel.

I was given this book for an honest review. I'm going to give it 3.5 stars. I had a hard time figuring out what genre I would put this in. Intentional is a light romance with some suspense.

When I first read the blurb, I was excited. I think it is a great concept. As you can see through my "status updates" which I rarely use, I was contemplating if I wanted to finish. I understand that the idea was to create the story and then later go back around to answer some questions and reveal the moments we missed, but for me they almost came too late. I made several notes that said, "Wait, when did that happen or when did they do that?"

Intentional is told from four point of views, but mainly focuses on Jeremy and Mattie's. Sarah and Cade also have some pages from their povs so that we get more of a behind the scenes look. The books skips around in time and is mainly labeled by months until the end it becomes labeled by days. The writing at times is a bit choppy and switches tenses so I couldn't flow with the story as much.

Mattie is a 23 year old graphic designer and virgin who moves to Sedona with her best friend Sarah who is an attorney and well experienced with men. They had known each other since they were 10 and I felt the jealousy that bubbled from Sarah. From the beginning I hated Sarah and even the 10 year Sarah was awful. Sarah's family took Mattie in when her parents died. Jeremy is Sarah's boss and when he meets Mattie he instantly feels connected to her. He tracks her down and they begin dating. Things are peachy between the couple even with Sarah being a hater of their relationship. The first 'event' happens and Mattie falls into a funk before throwing a dart and ending up on Mercer Island.

I wish the dates were more detailed and that is what I want the author to bring out more in her next book. I want to not be told about what they did on the dates from the character's perspective but rather be there as it happens. It will help develop the connections to the characters. In the future - Let me live the dates. Let me live the concerts. Let me live the events that obviously happened in the in between the epilogue but after the climax. Also, there were some changes in povs that I didn't feel were necessary. I like to read alternating povs when they add to the story, but I don't want the same events repeated in a different pov if it isn't going to make much difference to the story.

In the beginning, I especially found myself questioning the connection between Jeremy and Mattie. I know love can happen fast... been there, done that... but I feel that often times the story was told to me and I couldn't feel it. I started lacking a connection to the character because Jeremy was just a guy who was too lovey dovey and couldn't convince me he had issues. I had no response to him. I needed them to talk and have conversations that weren't just in their heads. There are two major parts that a conversation or dialogue was desperately needed to draw me in and they didn't happen.

Cade... oh Cade... Now he is my favorite character. I think MK likes him best too because his character was more giving in the sense of dialogue. I could just perhaps be drawn to guys with tattoos and who sing and have brains. With Cade I think the author can take his story in a good direction. He was really sweet and I loved his wit. I can't wait to read more about him in Unintentional. I hope that lyrics are actually written out and sang. I hope that we learn the meanings behind his tattoos and that they are on him for good reasons. I also hope that Jeremy will get over his trust issues that he showed at the end because that annoyed me.

I know that trilogies are the new hot thing right now in reading. It seems like I'm constantly seeking stand alone books. Thankfully, it appears that MK has decided to create a series rather than a trilogy, but I would have loved this book to be longer so that I could have more details. The details are what make the book, which is why I really love authors who do series that have detailed and complete books such as Kristen Ashley. For future novels I encourage MK to give more details and let her books complete themselves. Her concept was there, so I hope to see this author write future novels.

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