Jul 21, 2013

Lisa's Review on Confessions Collection Vol 1.

Descend into a world of deception, depravity, decadence, desire and desperation…

In the opulent setting of London's aristocracy, lives a young woman fractured into two distinct individuals, one face with multiple facets.

One façade, a whore, London Brown, who will confess unfathomable truths, the other, a loving daughter, Desniah Williams will pull back the curtain to reveal what lurks in the shadows. 

Caden Jacob Carrington V, a politician will do anything to reclaim the woman he lost, including dredging up pains of the past. 

Rhys Christos Edward Stowell, a philanthropist will fight to win the woman he loves while baring the darkness of his soul.

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

WARNING: Reader beware, this book has strong BDSM content as well as scenes/descriptions of dubious consent, the after effects of childhood sexual abuse, and self-injury. This book is not for the faint of heart, or the easily offended.

I read a lot, on average a book every other day (hubby travels and my little one goes to bed at 8:30). There are books I love, there are books I don’t but the majority are easy for me to process. There are very few books that make me stop, books that make me need to take a break from reading because I need time to process the story I just put into my mind. Confessions Collection Vol. 1 (London Brown) is one of those books, a read I couldn’t put down and then couldn’t let go.

Confessions Collection Vol. 1 is told from four POV’s – Desniah Williams, London Brown, Caden Jacob Carrington the fifth, and Rhys Christos Edward Stowell. From the outside these characters are the upper crust of British society, they’re London power players. Image isn’t everything and power is a facade. Internally, each character is flawed or broken, almost to the point of breaking.

Desniah Williams is a young, affluent, and educated black woman living in London. She’s a daughter of privilege. She’s also the victim of childhood sexual abuse. To cope, her mind fractures creating London Brown, a confident and sexually adventurous prostitute. London works for The Agency, a high-class escort service catering to London’s elite males. London is open to anything, especially things that cause her pain. London acts out and Desniah cleans up after.

“To say I am messed up is like saying the devil is evil, simply a matter of fact. I am me, myself, and London.” 

Caden Jacob Carrington the fifth is a politician on the rise, there are even rumblings about a future as Prime Minister. Years ago he left his childhood sweetheart Desniah behind for a job assignment from his father. He’s returned to London desperate to get Desniah back and he’s willing to do anything to get her, even if that means dealing directly with London.

“The girl I'd lost many years ago was the ghost I was determined to chase down. I loved her more than any person in the world, including myself, which made me a dangerous man.” 

Rhys Christos Edward Stowell is a young philanthropist struggling to define himself. Rhys is brilliant man with multiple prospects, none of which he finds appealing. In the decision between an emotional relationship with Desniah or a physical with London, he picked Desniah hands down. His heart might be true but his mind is brutally dark and the thoughts he has about Desniah may make her run screaming.

“Beguiled by a woman who uses the oldest profession to torture herself and punish those that love her, I’m ever her dutiful friend. The rebellious son of an elder in the Church of Christ. A man without direction.” 

Confessions Collection Vol. 1 is a crazy roller coaster ride and I held on tight through the turns of light to dark, sad to exciting, hot to frightening. What makes this story sing for me is the multiple POV’s, DeSint does an amazing job of giving each character their own voice. Every quirk, every personal pain, every twisted pleasure is clearly communicated. I couldn’t help but be drawn into their highs and feel hurt by their lows.

To reiterate my earlier warning about the content of this story – there are no hearts and flowers and there is definitely not a HEA. These characters equate love with pain and they are willing to inflict as well as receive it. For those only familiar with BDSM in the forms of a certain Mr. Grey and his “Red Room of Pain” – one scene with London and two of her clients will make that room look like the waiting room at a dentist’s office. Much like London, if you hold through it you’ll find yourself rewarded.

This book is a worthy read and for my final honest thoughts I’m going to let DeSint’s main character speak for me:

“My breathing quickened to a pant. I didn't like this, and yet it thrilled me. As I've said, I'm into some sick shit.” 

Happy Reading.

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