Sep 25, 2013

Love, Succumb

Two souls …
Destined to be together
But just can’t be …
Eve’s life is going well -A job she enjoys, friends she loves, and a boyfriend who loves her and is dedicated to helping her achieve her end goal: Revenge.
Rene Ackerley happens.
A brilliant, beautiful man who has the world at the tip of his fingers. Money, Power, Respect, he has it all.
At thirty, he is the leader of a world-wide syndicate so powerful that its existence is almost legendary.
He is also the leader of the very men who took everything away from Eve.
The instant their eyes fall on each other, obsession becomes as real as the air they breathe.
They crave each other like drugs. They can’t bear to be apart.
But there is Bash. The man who has been in love with Eve since he was a young boy. She is all he knows. He will rather die or kill
than be without her…

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.

Rene Leon Ackerley is power personified. His influence spans the globe. When an acid tongued Eve demolishes Renee during a very public interview, his shock and embarrassment turn quickly to obsession. Can he convince Eve to give herself to him? And if he succeeds, how will the two of them overcome the mountain of secrets between them?

This book confused me to the point where when I tried to explain the storyline to my husband I had to confess, “You know, I’m not entirely sure what I just read.” Rene is one of the most powerful men in the world where as Eve is a product of poverty and violence. When the two meet they have an instant lust/hate chemistry.

That said, there are some significant questions raised in the storyline that aren’t directly or clearly addressed. Was there a major world event that resulted in so much class disparity and violence? What did Eve do as a teenager that got her targeted for death? What exactly is the Syndicate that Renee leads and what are the ties the group has to the tragedy in Eve’s past? What exactly does Eve mean to gangster Bash Rose and how far will he really go to keep Rene away from her?
With the main characters spending 90% of the story verbally eviscerating each other (and other times physically battering each other), I would have a hard time saying that “Love, Succumb” is your typical romance.
“You, girl, are not even a suitable site for sore eyes. Your eyes might as well belong to a dead person, no depth, no emotion. Your nose is too thin; your lips are too big for your face. Your skin looks as if you were drenched in oil. You are too short. Your breasts are clearly too big for your frame, and your hips look way too matured for a girl your age.”
The moments of real promise in “Love, Succumb” primarily come from heroine Eve/Evie/Evelyn. Eve walks a blurry line between strength and frailty.
“I am so lost in my dreams, and my desperate prayers, to have what I am feeling with this man, at this very moment, forever.”
Warning – there are some major dark moments in the storyline dealing with murder, rape, torture, domestic abuse, suicide, and poverty. Secondary Warning - to those that hate cliffhangers, “Love, Succumb” not only ends with a cliffhanger but a major WTH moment where one of the main characters seemingly has a complete personality transplant. Be prepared.

Though not a perfect read, “Love, Succumb”  is intriguing enough to warrant giving it a try. I will be checking out its planned sequel hoping to get some of my lingering questions answered.

Happy reading

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