Oct 13, 2013

Rock Hard And Wet

Poseidon, god of the sea, proclaims that any nymph from his harem who wishes to search out a mate may do so.

However, she only has three days to find someone he deems worthy.

Welcome to the world of the Nymphs of New York.

She’s a nymph on a mission.

Callianira, curvy, vivacious, and the life of the party at every orgy, has fallen prey to a depression no amount of hot lovin’ can shake. Her best friend Petra has a plan: a trip to New York City to find mates who can handle a couple of horny nymphs for a lifetime of hot sex and soul deep love.
Callie’s not buying the sales pitch Petra is hawking, but goes along for the ride. She figures she can find a male or two who won’t mind acting as multiple orgasm donors.

He’s sexy, rock hard, and has just been released from a five hundred year prison sentence.

Outcast from the Aerie of New York, grotesque Theo’s focused on guarding the humans of Brooklyn and keeping his twin Logan out of trouble. When gorgeous females who smell like salt water and sex invade his territory, his careful plan for regaining entrance to the secular aerie gets ripped out to sea. 

They’re completely wrong for each other. 
Callie’s magic is tied to the ocean. 
Theo can’t swim. 
Callie is carefree, sweet, and finds joy in bending the rules. 
Theo toes the line and is ever vigilant. 
He’ll sink to the bottom of the ocean, and she’ll fly above it to claim their happily ever after.

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I received a copy of this story for an honest review for Amber's Reading Room.

Looking for a thermonuclear read with unique leads, a smidge of angst, and splashes of humor? Let me introduce you to “Rock Hard and Wet,” part of Jennifer James’s new series “Nymphs of New York.” This story hooked me quickly and turned out to be one of the hottest and most fun books that I’ve checked out this year. This is my second read by James and it’s solidified me as a big-time fan.

Callie and Petra aren’t your average young women trolling the streets of New York City looking for a good-time. They are actually Oceanids, water nymphs that belong to King Poseidon's vast harem and they’ve busted out with exactly three days to find their soul mates before they have to return to Poseidon and the rest their sister-nymphs. While Petra believes soul-mates are waiting around the corner for them, Callie’s not 100% invested since the life she’s living isn’t that bad.

“There were enough nymphs in the harem that she had plenty of free time to do as she wished. She snuck off for trysts when she wanted, pursued her art, and now and then climbed into bed with Big P. for a night of wicked debauchery.” 

Enter brother’s Theo and Logan, two Grotesques patrolling their NYC neighborhood. Grotesques are commonly, but mistakenly, referred to as Gargoyle’s because of their stone physique and the form of winged beast they can transform themselves into. Grotesques are actually handsome men whose ingrained purpose in life is to act as guardians and protectors. When Theo spots Callie he senses trouble as well as a few other feelings he’s forced himself to ignore for several hundred years.

“For the first time in his long life, Theo wished he were a human man, anything to help ease the torment of this nymph’s damnable charms on his body. The more he scented her, the worse his hard-on got.” 

Theo made a mistake with a woman outside of his species in the past and suffered grievously for it. But despite his Herculean effort to turn Callie away, the connection and attraction between the two of them is one that neither can ignore. Schmexy time commences. FREQUENTLY. AND IN GREAT DETAIL.

Occasionally when some stories have a strong focus on their characters hitting the sheets (or in this case alley way, shower, sheets, beach, etc.), plotline can come across as an afterthought. James manages to do lots of hot and heavy and still create an interesting story that makes sense with characters that you can connect with. Beyond the bedroom fun, it felt like Callie and Theo formed a real bond. I wanted these characters to find happiness with each other and wasn’t disappointed in their HEA.

People who know me know I’m a total dork so it is without shame that I say I thought the title of this book was brilliant. I snickered – “He’s made of stone so he’s ‘Rock Hard’ and she’s a water nymph so she’s the ‘and Wet.’ Hehehe.” I dig authors with a sense of humor and James displays it not only with the title but also in her characters banter.

“You need to change forms. I’m tired of yelling at a giant flying stone lion. Which is a totally ridiculous notion anyway. How the hell can something made out of stone fly? It makes no sense.” 

Do yourself a solid and pick up a copy of “Rock Hard and Wet,” it’s a genuinely fun (and amazingly hot) read. To tide myself over for the next in the “Nymphs of New York” series I’m going to go check out the prequel to this story, “Wet For the Titan.”

Happy reading.


  1. Bwahaahaaa! This review cracked me up. :D I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I loved writing Theo and Callie, and getting to silly along with the sexy.

    I mean, hey, why can't rocks fly and breathe fire? We all need that. Right? *ahem*

    1. So glad you liked it!!! :) I am sure Lisa will be very happy to hear. :)


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