Nov 14, 2013

Becoming More

At first it was all freedom, fun, and games for Lilly Fairfield. Being a freshman in college was supposed to create some of the best memories of her life, especially with her best friend, Lauren, and longtime boyfriend, Sander, by her side. 
But the excitement begins to slip away when the people closest to her start to change. They begin moving in a direction Lilly doesn’t want to go, forcing Lilly to be faced with a decision. Should she fight for her relationships with both Sander and Lauren or move on to something different? Something unknown. Someone like…
Colton Davenport. Colton isn’t Lilly’s typical type. He's shockingly sexy with his colorful tattoos, shiny silver lip ring, and ear gauges. His smile alone leaves her breathless. Then again, she hasn’t had a specific type other than Sander. When she meets Colton she feels an automatic attraction that stuns her into utter stillness. She can’t look away, doesn’t want to look away. 
Lilly must decide between a life with Sander, a life she always thought she wanted, and an unknown path with Colton. 
Will Lilly make the right choices for her future, Becoming More?
**This book is a New Adult Romance - intended for a mature audience.**

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

Lillian ‘Lilly’ Fairfield is a good girl through and through. When she starts Stone Oak University with her high school sweetheart Sander and her best friend Lauren, she believes the next four years will only make the ties between the three of them stronger. After graduation she and Sander will get married and Lauren will always be by their side. That’s the dream and Lilly holds fast to it.

Little does Lilly know that new environments tend to reveal what people are really made of and the Sander and Lauren of Stone Oak are made up of some pretty ugly stuff. As reality tarnishes her dream, Lilly struggles to hold on to the two people she thought would be with her forever.
Enter Colton, Stone Oak’s notorious ladies’ man.

“Every little movement he makes has a sensual look to it. The spark that lights his eyes whenever I say something that surprises him, the warm sound of his voice and laugh, especially when he lower his voice – it’s all too surreal. I need to know more.”

Colton and Lilly quickly form a deep connection. He challenges her naivety while still appreciating her innocence. As their relationship grows, Colton forces Lilly to look at her life and make a decision about what her real future should hold.

“But now, every decision I make is exactly that – my decision to make, my consequence to endure.”
To say this book frustrated me would be an understatement. At one point I slammed my Kindle case closed and tossed it to the opposite side of the couch I was on just to get away from the story (I’ve since apologized to my Kindle and believe I’ve been forgiven).

Sander is perhaps one of the most reprehensible characters I’ve ever read, PERIOD. He starts flying his slime ball flag in the early chapters and then the hits start coming literally and figuratively. After ditching Lilly at a party he calls her a slut for going off without him, he forces her to have sex without a condom while she begs him not to, chokes her then denies doing it, cheats on her and passes it off as rumors. Through all of this craziness Lilly goes back to him, over and over and over again. She clings to her childhood relationship instead of taking a chance on an adult, real romance with Colton.

“Sometimes what we think is right, isn’t.”

When Lilly finally takes charge of her life, Bayli Lane does something a little different that somewhat makes up for the immense amount of frustration created earlier in the book. Lane gives the reader scenes of Lilly’s life one month, six months, and a few years out. Each snapshot of the future gives the feeling that Lilly really learned from the mistakes she made at 18 and makes her truly value the life she creates as an adult.
Overall, “Becoming more” is worth a read. You will scream and you will pull your hair, but the ending has a pretty solid message that bad decisions you make when you’re young don’t have to define you. You can grow beyond it and become something more.

Happy reading.

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