Nov 13, 2013


After experiencing a humiliating breakup, twenty-two-year-old Cassandra Clarke is fresh out of college and living a simple solitary life without any intentions of pursuing love anytime soon.
When the estate next door sells, the last thing Cassandra expects is the unnerving attraction she feels for her sinfully handsome neighbor, Logan West, the young and charming single father with a playboy reputation.
It’s through Oliver, Logan’s four-year-old son, who keeps popping up in her childhood tree house, that she slowly begins to catch glimpses of the compassionate and wounded man Logan has hidden beneath his strong exterior.
Cassandra knows it's wrong and that she's heading for another heartbreak. 
Logan will never be able to give her what she wants…love.

* I purchased this book, but was recently requested to give an honest review*

I did it to myself... Yes, I take full responsibility. I started reading this book knowing full well that I was heading toward a cliff and even then when I got to it I still screamed. "Angela Graham, you evil, no good woman, how could you do this to me?! A cliffhanger?" Okay, so yea that was a bit dramatic and I think I may have used expletives actually when I turned the page of the book and it said, 'LOOK FOR BOOK TWO: THE CONCLUSION OF LOGAN AND CASSANDRA'S STORY FALL 2013'!!!!! BUT umm no! I want it now!!!


Sweet and sexy Cassandra is a 22 year old Kindergarten teacher. We begin our journey with her standing outside of her apartment building with best friend Hilary staring at the skank in town's white jeep. Cassie does what any naive heroine hoping for a misunderstanding would do except with a twist...She races upstairs and catches her boyfriend Mark's stupid "it's not what you think and I can explain" ass in bed with the hooch and knocks his ass out! That is when I fell in love with her...Okay, I crushed on her a bit. I would have been more impressed if another punch had been smashed into the tramp's face, but I'll settle for the chuckle I got out of picturing it.

One year post-breakup we find Cassie living outside of town in a home left to her by her grandparents. She loves the peace and quiet and is thrilled with her life. In jogs Cassie's new neighbor - Logan. And what does this new neighbor look like? Well.... he has dark wavy hair and blue eyes, but that is about as much info as I can give you. Oh, and he has an excellent body. Yummy *wink*


If this man jogged behind me each morning... I might take up jogging. Hell, that's laughable but, I'd take up walking. Logan was hot and cold for me. I really liked him as a dad. I thought he was overprotective at times, but I understand the need to protect one's child especially when the mom is awful. Other times... I don't know. I just didn't find him to be the best man-whore I've ever read about and when it seemed at times his whoring ways were being rubbed in Cassie's face, I was rubbed the wrong way. We don't learn a lot about Logan directly but rather through conversations that arise from the blooming of Logan and Cassie's friendship. We do know that he has three siblings and he does a lot for his sister Julia. He dibbles here and there so he is wealthy and is a wonderful artist. He surprised me at times too. Christmas made my day. My heart melted and that is when the scales tipped for me. I swooned for that man. Hmm, betcha wanna know what he got her huh? BUT then he had to go and be the jackass... *I wish I could kick his ass!* My favorite part about Logan though is that I believed his character as a father and I think he knew that the best thing in his life was Oliver.


Gosh, I'm in love with this kid. I really find him so endearing and I'd like to snatch him up. I teach preschool... Did I mention that? He reads too which is a rarity at 4. He's a smart little cookie already way ahead of his peers. I'd like to see him be a little bit ornerier as he gets older and maybe lose the mom on a pedestal thing, but hey, his personality is pretty spot on for the kids his age.

Since being a one night stand for Logan was off the table, Cassie and Logan's friendship was a beautiful growth. I really liked them spending time together like at the pumpkin patch or flying a kite with Oliver. Julia's shocking revelation and the way Logan took a stand for Cassie scored him points for me. Ha! *Displays inappropriate finger*

Cassie gets a few on top moments, but Logan dominates the relationship. Best Cassie moment was definitely the pool.

My favorite scene is Cassie being sexy and fierce to Logan:

"A hotel? Really!" I hissed. "I'm a woman, not some piece of meat. I have no interest in going to some hotel, for some one-night stand with a man that cannot even talk about his own son without cringing. You can go around with your fancy cars and expensive suits but you have nothing I'm interested in!" With a sudden turn, I headed straight to my table, and collected my bag. As I walked past him to leave, I leaned in and whispered, "And by the way, I enjoyed your pool very much. It's a shame you'll never get me that wet!"

I best liked Cassie and Oliver's relationship and thought their relationship had good depth. The connections they made through dinners and nights in the tree house made me excited as a mom.

The ending is where I got a little jolted. I knew something was going to happen even though I didn't know what. I didn't have any spoilers to point me in any particular direction, but I wish that the book would have had two more chapters before the "event" happened because it was too fast for me. I wanted Logan to be more verbal with his feelings prior to that night and Christmas was a good start. With the author knowing that this wasn't going to be a nicely wrapped up novel with a bow, I would have wanted just a bit more squeezed in there so that I could actually feel the full effect from Logan's pov when we got it or if his pov had been intermixed a bit more maybe that would have been better. I don't know. I'm not an author just a reader, but that is where it lost me a bit. I just couldn't connect as fast with his feelings at the end because they were so bold too soon.

I'm hearing that I have to wait until October to read more! Ahh... hmmm, can I beg for sooner? Here is what I hope... I want more spice. The pool scene was freakin' hot so I know that the author has it in her and I know Logan is a kinky one... hello threesome... so I want that to come out and definitely more Oliver! I love him! Cassie's strong, lovable, and independent and I hope she stays that way. I don't want a whiny heroine!

Good job on a great novel!

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