Dec 31, 2013

A Little Bit of Trouble *Review*

It's safe to say I've loved a lot. It's safe to say I've lost a lot. How do you move on from what you've lost, when what you've lost is such a big part of you it takes that part with it?
I lost my wife and my first born three years ago. Since then I've existed, but now I'm trying to live. I have a new family and new friends who actually love my daughter Amelia and I unconditionally.
They think I should move on, I disagree. Sure I'm all for meeting a nice female and having a little bit of fun but I can't give away a part of me that I lost three years ago.
And then I meet Loryn. 
She brings color to my life, color I need but don't want. She frustrates me to no end and makes me as possessive as a caveman. But how do you keep someone who deserves to be loved when you know you can't love them yourself? She wants something from me that I can't give. 
This is our story. Mine and Loryn's, with a lot of everyone else and just a little bit of trouble.

*Recommended for readers aged 17+ due to some sexual content and strong language*

A Little...

I was undecided on my rating...but I'm going with 3.5-4 stars

** ARC provided by author for an honest review **

I hated Loryn...her type of heroine is not my favorite. How many times could she just accept Lucas' flip floppy ways? I didn't like her whiny attitude, but he did treat her awful sometimes.

While I liked Lucas for the most part, there were moments when I was like... Seriously?!

In the beginning, Lucas' early thought processes were so much to follow. I had a bad case of ADD.

I wanted to see more of a relationship develop that included Amelia and instead it was more focused on the sex and drama happening in their relationship. I think the book could have been better developed without other characters' roles so it focused more on them.

My last thing is just grammar and editing. With the book being set in the US I think it would be best to have an American editor to help bridge the language difference. Whilst stuck out to me like crazy and boot instead of trunk. It's minor, but was enough to make me get pulled from the story.

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