Dec 1, 2013

Santa (Maybe)

What if you got a second chance with the one who got away? 

Mark Jameson has every reason to be a Scrooge this Christmas. He's been fired from his job and there is a deranged woman stalking him. Just when it seems his life couldn't get any crazier, he unexpectedly reconnects with his high-school crush. The problem? She thinks he's somebody else. 

Madeleine Morgan is a successful divorce lawyer and devoted single mother to six-year-old Emily. But when Madeleine has an unexpected run-in with a Santa impersonator, her well-ordered existence suddenly gets a lot more interesting. 

This sweet romantic comedy is standard novella length: 27,000 words. PG-13 for mature themes and language. Sex is off-page.

I can gladly sum this novella up in three words – COMPLETELY FREAKIN’ ADORABLE. In Santa (Maybe) 

you’ve got a down on his luck good guy whose lifelong crush can’t recognize him beyond his mall Santa 

costume and a heart-broken single mom too full of self-doubt to notice an opportunity for true love. In 

less than the time it took for my daughter to watch her favorite Disney Jr. show, I got to read about two 

great characters falling in love during Christmas and getting a solid HEA. Extra bonus, when I picked the 

story up from Amazon it cost me $0.00. WIN.

Growing up with the nickname of Matchstick because of his scrawny physique, Mark knew he had zero 

chance of catching the eye of his best friend’s older sister Madeline. As years pass Mark transforms his 

body but his mind can never forget Madeline. After rejecting a clients unwanted advances Mark finds 

himself without a job and depending on temp work as a mall Santa to make rent. What should feel like 

the end of the world turns into a golden opportunity when Madeline and her daughter Emily show up 

for a meet and greet with Santa. Mark won’t waste the opportunity to make his one real Christmas wish 

come true.

“He reached out with his foot and nudged the door closed. He wasn’t going to kiss her, but he’d make 

damn sure she realized she wanted him to.”

Madeline dedicated herself to her marriage only to find her husband dedicated himself to a whole lot of 

other women. Struggling to get through the holiday she’s caught off guard when the mall Santa makes 

a pass at her…and she actually wants to accept it. This guy feels comforting and safe, but he’s hiding 

something. Can she trust him and his motives long enough to give herself a second chance at happiness?

“And that was the moment. The moment when every doubt she had about him melted away. 

Madeline still questioned Joe’s claim that the man had spent the last decade madly in love with her, 

but, if true, she was one lucky woman.”

Some people are not fans of novellas. I am not one of those people. Sometimes I need a novella like 

others need a shot of espresso, a tasty little jolt of story energy. Santa (Maybe) is a great holiday pick 

me up. I will definitely be re-reading this to keep me in the holiday spirit and I not-so-secretly hope 

author Bex may revisit Mark and Madeleine in future stories.

Happy reading.

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