Feb 13, 2014

The Fine Line by Alicia Kobishop *Review*

High school senior Liv Evans has one rule: No attachments. She’s lost enough in her life and has vowed to do whatever it takes to make sure she never again feels the emptiness of losing someone she loves. Boys are a fun distraction, but a serious relationship is something she’d rather live without. Her determination for a future free of pain and heartbreak is put to the test when she meets–and quickly forms an unexpected bond–with Logan Tanner.

Logan has always been a free spirit, but ever since a life-changing event took place, which left him doubting the integrity of those who are closest to him, he’s taken that term to a whole new dangerous level. Learning the hard way that life is too short for worries or work–and that women can’t be trusted–Logan has exchanged steady work for street racing. When Liv walks into his world, everything he thought he knew about life and women is challenged.

In The Fine Line, Liv and Logan will discover if it’s possible for true love to have a future, or if history is destined to repeat itself.

I loved Logan. He was super yummy and swoon-worthy... Liv... Not so much. I often wanted to bitch slap her silly. I kept thinking, "Why can't you get your shit together and see what is right in front of you?" FRIENDS...really? That is all you want? The boy is gorgeous and wonderful to you...

I like the cover, but I think it is deceiving. While the book has a background of racing, I don't think that is the spotlight. We have drama, drama, drama in this book and of the teenager variety which provides you with lots of eye rolling and laugh out loud moments at the ridiculousness of the age.

I don't think this book was highly predictable which I liked and it did have twists that I didn't see coming. I think the writing was good. I could see that the author had a plan of how the book with how it all came together. The author has a good debut novel and I would read more by her!

ARC provided by the author for an honest review. Images are for fun only.

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