Feb 2, 2014

Wet for Titan

Poseidon, god of the sea, proclaims that any nymph from his harem who wishes to search out a mate may do so.

However, she only has three days to find someone he deems worthy.

Welcome to the world of the Nymphs of New York.

It's never good to piss off a goddess, even a minor one...

Telesto has been reasonably content as a member of Poseidon's harem, until he came along and ripped her free of her moorings, setting her adrift without gravity to keep her feet on the ground. She hadn't been looking for love, a relationship, or anything but a private room to retreat to in the castle. Now her fury has been unleashed, and she has no problem bringing an arrogant Titan back to Earth.

He's going to claim his mate whether she likes it or not...

Pyroeis has long been a wanderer, and a lucky hand of cards has gifted him with the one thing he always wanted, at the expense of what he never knew he needed. He'll travel to the ends of the universe if he must to convince Telly she belongs with him, and only him. Nothing will stand in his way, no creature, no matter how powerful, can stop this Titan from claiming his mate.

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

Need a sexy little jolt? Looking for a new series but not sure if you want to invest the time and energy? May I suggest checking out Wet for Titan, a fun and super-hot prequel to Rock Hard and Wet (Nymphs of New York Series Book One). Author Jennifer James packs a lot of punch (and steam) into five short chapters. I blazed through the story and was left eager for more.

Telesto, or Telly to those that love her, is pissed. She’s happily spent centuries passing time in Poseidon’s harem enjoying the big man and her fellow water Nymphs. But visiting Titan Pyro had to come along and ruin everything. The two forged an instant connection and in a moment of weakness Telly gives her heart and a powerful blessing to the God of Fire. When Pyro uses that blessing to his advantage over Poseidon, Telly is crushed. She packs her bags vowing to never have anything to do with the God she hoped would be her forever.

Original Titan Pyro, or Pyroeis’s to those that used to worship him, is SUPER pissed. He never asked Telly to bless him but when he saw an opportunity to ensure Telly’s release from Poseidon with the guarantee of a future home for the both of them, he took it. Telly refuses to let him explain but Pyro is one of the original Gods. He won’t be refused and he’ll burn down the world to claim his mate. 

Wet for Titan is a solid paranormal erotic romance novella. A quick and easy read, author Jennifer James manages to introduce two unique characters with interesting and detailed back stories, drops in a few familiar faces from the original story Rock Hard and Wet, provides several scorching (pun intended) love scenes, and lays the groundwork for Nymphs of New York Book Two. 

I really enjoyed Wet for Titan and hope you check it out. I’ll be patiently waiting for Book 2 (ok, maybe not so patiently).

Happy reading.

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  1. Omigosh! What wonderful review! With graphics! I love them. :D They're beautiful. Xoxoxo

    I am plotting book two...and Mina Carter and I just plotted a book we are going to co-author that will star Calypso and a bad bad boy from her Paranormal Protection Agency books named Rat. I'm so excited you're enjoying the series Lisa!


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