Apr 11, 2014

Knight by Julia Sykes *Review*

A woman shattered…

He took me and broke me.

I am plaything, a possession.
If I did ever have a name, I don’t remember it now.

Slaves don't have names.

Salvation found in obsession…

He stole me away from the man who tormented me. He saved me and took me into his care. 

His touch keeps me sane.
His control keeps me grounded in reality.

He demands that I reclaim my humanity, my autonomy.
He forces me to piece the shards of myself back together.

I am utterly devoted to my savior, but his brand of rescue might leave me more broken than ever.

How can I ever become truly whole again if I can't learn to let him go and take control of my own life? 
Do I have a hope of finding freedom when he refuses to release my heart?

Or is this new form of captivity just what I need to survive?

WARNING: Given the nature of this story, this book contains graphic violence and references to sexual assault, which some readers may find upsetting. It also contains sizzling scenes of (consensual) BDSM!

NOTE: Knight is part of the Impossible series, but it can be read as a standalone story without spoiling the other books.

Impossible Series Reading Order:
Impossible: The Original Trilogy (Monster, Traitor, and Avenger)
Savior (An Impossible Novel)
Knight (An Impossible Novel)

I struggled to get through this. I skimmed too. I could not connect with these characters. I kept stopping and thinking... really? I just didn't buy it. I felt like this one tagged onto the hype of some other stories. It wasn't the best for me.

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