Apr 28, 2014

The Sin Circus Box Set *Review*

Everyone remembers their first trip to the circus--the home of fantasy and dreams. Where the idea that anything is possible meets a creative reality of alluring tricks and amazing acts of defiance. The big top is known for inspiring lust, awe, and happy memories, and now you'll see it like never before.

Some of today's hottest romance authors combine the decadent memories of the center ring with all the flavors in erotic fiction in The Sin Circus. Whether it's with a dominating Ringmaster, a lion tamer's bratty kittens, or a dark Harlequin King, this show is sure to shock the audience with its dazzling dares and tantalizing tales.

Dark Surrender by Rachel Firasek
He stole her control, but she hasn't completely surrendered her heart...yet.

Claimed by the Blade by Mina Carter
He's waited years to claim her. Tonight, she's all out of excuses...

Ring of Fire by Lacey Wolfe
The Ringmaster must figure out his feelings before his ballerina goes up in flames...

Unmasking Her Dom by Jennifer James
Tormented by touch, the King of the Harlequin resolves to release his bratty sub before she strips away the last barriers between them, and discovers his secret shame.

The Bratty Lioness Tamer by April Angel
Two sexy female lovers. A new master ready to tame them. And the performance they'll never forget.

Sweet & Sticky by Sabrina Garie
Recipe for forever: Mix a flailing writer with a down-on-his-luck agent, toss in a pound of cotton candy and an empty bleacher. Let simmer.

Twice the Pleasure by Georgina DeBurca
As the bindings unravel, two brothers race to save the woman who has captured their hearts.

With the Greatest of Ease by Anne Lange
He traded a trapeze and the catch of a lifetime for a life in a courtroom. Now he’ll share her, to catch her, one last time.

I received a copy of this story for an honest review. Pictures used as part of this review are used for fun and do not belong to me.

CAUTION – If you are not a fan of hotness in large doses you may want to avoid The Sin Circus. One of the sexiest anthologies I’ve ever read, The Sin Circus features a grown-ups only big top where the wild and wanton are put on display nightly. Comprised of eight unique stories, The Sin Circus serves up a little something for everyone. Steamy but still kind of sweet stories – check. M/F/M and F/M/F ménage a trois – check. Light and heavy BDSM – check. Public orgies – super check. The stories are easy reads, full of quick bursts of excitement. The breakdown: 

Ring of Fire by Lacey Wolfe – The fierce new ringmaster of The Sin Circus must decide if he’s strong enough to control the crazy troupe while giving his heart to its beautiful fire dancer. 

Greatest of Ease by Anne Lange – Nicco gave up the circus life, as well as his childhood love Lucia, to pursue a career in law. After an injury side-lines his brother, Nicco is called home to fill in on the trapeze for The Sin Circus. A wild night with Lucia and her new man has Nicco questioning if walking away a second time is possible.

Dark Surrender by Rachel Firasek – Ivy D. Suede is the dark Mistress of The Sin Circus. When life throws her a curveball, Ivy’s frustrations cause her to cross a line with her loyal and loving Submissive that she may not be able to come back from.

Twice the Pleasure by Georgina DeBurca – A cheating boyfriend and a terrifying fall leave one star of The Sin Circus doubting her worth. It’s up to her handsome twin dance partners to prove that to them, she’s everything.

Claimed by the Blade by Mina Carter – Dani has spent so much time saving the knife throwing act her bastard ex left in shambles, she never noticed his gangly young protégé grew into a stunningly sexy man. Can they move their passionate act from the stage to the bedroom?

The Bratty Lioness Tamer by Milly Taiden – Gabby and her love Crystal perform as human lionesses for The Sin Circus. As much fun as they have together, they need a Master to truly be complete. When a face from the past shows up in the ring, the lionesses and the audience are in for a performance to remember. 

Sweet and Sticky by Sabrina Garie – A struggling author earning extra money as a concession girl and a down-on-his-luck literary agent decide to put on their own show in the empty bleachers of The Sin Circus.

Unmasking Her Dom by Jennifer James – The King Harlequin is a powerful Dom whose confidence performing in The Sin Circus hides some terrible secrets. Afraid of giving too much of himself to his Submissive, he decides to send her away but she’s not going without a fight. She’s willing to invoke his rage to take their relationship to the next level.

In the world of anthologies, The Sin Circus is pretty hard to beat. Overall the stories are well written and cohesive. Though each story has its own flavor, the eight separate pieces flow together almost seamlessly. My personal favorites were Greatest of Ease and Claimed by the Blade. Fun and saucy, those two caught my attention.

Do yourself a favor and pick up The Sin Circus, it's a worthy walk on the wild side.

Happy reading.


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