Jun 26, 2014

The Savannah Novels by Danielle Jamie *Review*

Complete Box Set of the Savannah Series with Bonus scenes & Kayden's POVs from Southern Desire!

After suffering from a humiliating heartbreak, Savannah Livingston gives up on love in a bid to protect her fragile heart and rebuild her now shattered life.

Her Desires are awakened when she encounters the sexy and intriguing Kayden Knox who flips her world on its axis. They forge an irresistible connection, entangled with sensual pleasures, and an inferno of passion.

Kayden Knox has found the woman of his dreams. After enduring a life full of loss and heartbreak, he finally has found his soul mate and the one woman who can reawaken his heart to make him love again. But not everyone is happy for the new couple; throwing obstacles in their path and testing the strength of their newfound relationship.

When they think they’ve jumped over every hurdle that’s come their way, an inescapable tragedy strikes unexpectedly rocking Savannah and Kayden to their very core. After going through a terrifying ordeal, Savannah has to rebuild her life with the help of her supportive friends, family, and most of all Kayden. In order to build a new, indestructible future with Savannah, Kayden first has to face the demons of his past; exposing the secrets he keeps close.

Their journey is full of trials and tribulations as Kayden and Savannah fight to overcome incredible odds, obstacles, and frightening ordeals, but in the end they find an infinite love like no other.

A copy of this box set was provided for an honest review.

Kayden Knox is one hot cowboy with just as much money as he’s got charm. Savannah Livingston is a southern stunner nursing a broken heart and wounded pride. When the two meet in The Savannah Series, the irresistible desire they feel for each other leads them to a future neither could have imagined.

The Savannah Series was a pure fun romantic read for me and I recommend it highly for any romance or New Adult fans. Originally released as four individual stories, The Savannah Series is now available as a boxed set. The box set comes with all four original books in the series and also includes bonus scenes and scenes retold from Kayden’s POV. Not having to worry about cliffhangers is always a win for me and the extra scenes really do add something to the overall story. As a boxed set, The Savannah Series is a hard deal to beat.

The closest thing I would have to compare the series to is a super addictive/sudsy TV show, the kind where regardless of what you’re doing you drop everything when it comes on so you can talk about it with your friends the next day (I’m thinking Scandal now and Grey’s Anatomy/Sex in the City back in the day). There’s the smoking hot main couple that is the core of the story and the romantic end-game, the quirky and brutally honest best friends who always provide support while juggling their own melodrama, romantic rivals that add spice and frustration without really jeopardizing the hero and heroine’s relationship, and family members that are so crazy they make you look at your own relatives a little more fondly. Interesting characters are given extra shine with clothes to die for, cars to drool over, and a soundtrack that accentuates everything they do. I’m talking about the kind of show where the drama is so juicy and the romance is so hot, you can’t help but binge watch.

The Savannah Series was a total binge read for me. My original plan was to read one book of the series each night for four nights in a row. I started the first book around 9 pm one night … and cut to me at 3 am realizing I finished the series and only had 3 hours until my alarm clock was going to go off for work. The fuzzy head and blurry eyes were worth it.

The Savannah Series reading order:
1) Irresistible Desire
2) Inescapable Desire
3) Indestructible Desire
4) Infinite Desire

The players:
Savannah Livingston – The beautiful twenty-four year old only child of two internationally successful country superstars, Savannah works to establish her own career at Envy magazine while longing for the type of family life she missed growing up in the spotlight.

Kayden Knox – At twenty-six years old, Kayden is a billionaire oil tycoon and business entrepreneur with deep southern roots. Blessed with good looks, talent, and “ahem” other assets, Kayden excels in business and with the ladies. Kayden feels an instant connection to Savannah and believes she may be the one to finally get him to settle down.

Logan – Savannah’s long-term boyfriend, a model/surfer who runs his own talent agency. Logan’s looks hide his smarmy side and his set course to break Savannah’s heart.

Brooklyn – Savannah’s best friend and an up and coming actress. Incorrigible flirt who goes straight for the bad boys but will drop everything to have Savannah’s back.

Reagan –A talented photographer and Savannah’s partner in crime at Envy. Loves the party life and encourages Savannah to live on the wild side.

Jax – Kayden’s loveable Australian driver/body guard who takes a shine to Brooklyn.

Dixon – Kayden’s business partner and rough around the edges cousin. Dixon is the only person with better game than Brooklyn.

Jacob & Zak – A cute gay couple (much to Brooklyn’s disappointment) who move next store to Savannah for the summer and quickly integrate themselves into Kayden and Savannah’s daily lives.

Maverick and Paisley – Savannah’s superstar parents who love their daughter but can’t resist the call of the road and their fans.

Victor and Luanne – Kayden’s estranged father and his father’s much younger fiancĂ©. There’s no love lost between the three and the secrets between them could put a major road block in Kayden‘s quest for a relationship Savannah.

Favorite quotes:

“My body is once more taken over by desire, butterflies erupting inside of me franticly. I’m no longer in control, despite my best efforts to fight temptation. It’s physically impossible; our bodies are enslaved by an unquenched need for each other.” Location 3824

“I love how we can erupt in a heat of passion, with just the slightest touch; it’s as if our bodies crave the pleasure we bestow upon each other, like an addict craves their next hit.” Location 4685

“When you find the one, you will just know. You will feel it deep in your soul, that connection. The missing piece of yourself that you never know was missing until you find it.” Location 4978

“I know he’s part of your past, I accept that because I know I’m your future.” Location 5453

“I’ve not only loved you this lifetime but all my lives before. Our souls are entwined for infinity.” Location 11972

Don’t miss out on The Savannah Series, four fun reads and lots of extras for the price of one. I will definitely be revisiting these books in the future and will be keeping an eye out for what author Danielle Jamie does next.

Happy reading.

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