Jul 12, 2014

Continental Breakfast by Ella Dominguez *Spotlight and Giveaway*

WARNING: Includes detailed sexual encounters, including oral and anal sex and an unconventional relationship. Not for closed-minded individuals or readers under the age of 18. 

Bella Darcy is personal assistant, muse and plaything to wealthy businessman Mr. Pettifor. Their 9-5 relationship is unconventional, but mutually satisfying.

Mr. Pettifor is alpha male personified - demanding, stern, insatiable, emotionally closed-off and seemingly indifferent to anything that doesn't involve six zeros behind it. 

Bella had never wanted more until the day she heard passionate cries that didn't belong to her, coming from his office. Deeply hurt and realizing that she cannot be with a man who can so blatantly be with another woman while she is mere feet away, Bella turns in her letter of resignation, throwing Mr. Pettifor into a tailspin. Everything he's worked so hard for now seems insignificant and the woman whom he trained to be everything he wanted, has now decided to move on, leaving him reeling.

My name is Bella and I am the personal assistant to Mr. Pettifor. I am also his plaything and muse. Over the last two years, I have come to accept this role and cherish it. I take pride in my work and it shows. Mr. Pettifor is generous and for that, I am grateful. He lavishes me with gifts quite frequently and though they are not expected or wanted, they are a nice perk of the job. Working for Mr. Pettifor, I have been afforded a lifestyle that I never thought possible and I’ve seen and done things that other women can only dream of and traveled to places that others have only read about. I guess you could say I’m Mr. Pettifor’s go-to-gal. I attend all work functions with him and I am on his arm for various galas when needed, but our relationship otherwise is strictly from 9 to 5. 
This is the extent of my relationship with Mr. Pettifor and I’m completely okay with that. I’ve never needed or wanted more. I am monogamous to him even though he has never asked that of me because we never speak of such things. In fact, we don’t speak of much other than work. No, there are no deep and meaningful conversations, no late-night confessions, no meeting of the parents. There is simply mind-blowing and deeply satisfying sex. We share a symbiotic relationship that goes without saying. His needs are met and so are mine.
My daily routine consists of attending and assisting Mr. Pettifor with meetings upon endless meetings regarding mergers and acquisitions, and all of the humdrum activities that are associated with Mr. Pettifor’s line of work. I keep a very close watch over his schedule and time, as well as seeing to his personal needs, in all matters. But the best parts of our routine are the mornings and they are what I treasure the most. When Mr. Pettifor comes over the intercom to tell me he wants his continental breakfast, I know it’s not eggs and a bagel that he’s requesting. 
I eagerly make my way into his office and lock the door behind me. I present myself in front of him as he peels my panties down and lifts me onto his desk. This is when our fun and intimate interlude begins. 
“Lay back, Ms. Darcy. I’m very hungry this morning,” he tells me, his voice hushed and needy. 
I spread myself out on his desk, open my legs and offer myself up to him. 
This morning he is in a particularly aggressive sort of mood as he dives into my wet folds as if he hasn’t eaten in weeks, even though he had his continental breakfast just two days ago. His skilled tongue flicks at my hot clit while his fingers probe my depths. 
“Give it to me, Ms. Darcy. I’m famished this morning."

Warning: Written for mature and open-minded individuals. Contains detailed graphic sexual encounters, including bondage and discipline. 
Written from Mr. Pettifor's POV.

From the first day Mr. Pettifor laid eyes on Bella Darcy, he knew he couldn't deny himself the indulgence of being with her. Against his better judgement, he hired her, knowing full well he would pay the price with her constant presence. Little did the alpha male know that before him stood a woman who yearned for his touch, his control and his training. 
By day, Mr. Pettifor was a hard working businessman and a force to be reckoned with. At night, he was a talented and skilled instructor at a domestic disclipline training center and an austere alpha male whom women bowed at his feet. 

At a crossroads in her life, Bella had started a new career path, hoping to one day go to medical school. When she applied as the personal assistant to the inscrutable Mr. Pettifor, she never thought it would lead to anything more than an interview. 
This is the story of Mr. Pettifor, a man who took for granted the love and adoration given to him until it was taken away, and how he fell in love with the woman he trained to be everything he ever wanted. This is the tale of the shy and fearful Ms. Darcy and how she flourished under his command, never knowing of his secret life, never asking questions, and yet, somehow finding her true courageous self in the process. 

This is the story of how their relationship began.

Warning: Written for mature and open-minded individuals. Contains detailed graphic sexual encounters, including oral & anal sex, bondage and discipline, and menage. 

Having been only lovers, Bella and Xander must now become friends if their relationship is to endure the hardships of longevity. Before they can begin their new life together, they must also learn to accept each other for who they really are - in and out of the office and bedroom. 
For Bella, being the fiance of a busy CEO is difficult enough, but being a full-time medical student as well, is even more challenging as she tries to find the time for her man and her education. 
For Xander, living the life of a worldly CEO and being the fiancé of a hard-working medical student has its up and downs, too. But he's no common CEO - he's also a dominant and an instructor at a prestigious domestic discipline training center, something he's finally forced to share with Bella, as well as all the feelings he had suppressed for so long.
Realizing that being a submissive to Mr. Pettifor 9-5 doesn't compare to being his obedient partner 24/7, Bella thinks she has the perfect plan to strengthen their bond and to spend more time with her alpha male - to attend the school which Xander teaches at so that she learn exactly what he needs in a partner.
Submerged in the domestic discipline lifestyle, she's forced to see the man she loves educating other women, something she wasn't prepared for. Headstrong and tenacious, Bella refuses to quit even when she realizes she must be willing to be instructed by other men in order to achieve her goal of finishing the DD Program. But is she really ready for that? Xander doesn't think so and he worries the training may harm rather than help their relationship.
As Bella and Xander struggle to find their way and make their unconventional relationship work, it seems everyone and everything is trying to come between them. And so their dance of push and pull begins as they both fight their way through their emotions and fear of the unknown.

I'm a full-time mom, wifey, healthcare worker, and wanna be switch. I was born and raised in a sexually repressed, strict Christian household in the bible belt of the USA. This upbringing and repression contributed to my wicked imagination and writing has been my only outlet for my sexual fantasies. Finally at the ripe and sexually primed age of 40, I mustered up enough courage to share my naughty thoughts and put pen to paper. I sincerely hope to find my niche in writing erotica in all forms, be it romance or paranormal. 

I don't consider myself an author. I consider myself an avid reader above all else, and someone who simply writes the stories that the characters in my head tell me to.

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