Jul 17, 2014

How to Kill Your Boss - An Erotic Love Story by Krissy Daniels *Review*

Tatum Wood murders her boss on a daily basis. Daydreams, real dreams, it doesn’t matter. In her opinion, it’s better than therapy. That is until he takes a swan dive off the roof of a building and all evidence points to her as the main suspect.

Enter Franklin Reed, her mysterious, overprotective and drop-dead gorgeous coworker. His injection into her life couldn’t have come at a better time. Two men are brutally attacked across the hall from her apartment and she has a stalker with a penchant for roses.

Franklin is all too eager to play the hero in and out of bed. Their attraction is undeniable, their heat level, searing. As they scramble to discover who’s behind the murders, secrets are unearthed that call to question Franklin’s motives as well as his identity. Tatum discovers that life is never what you expect and love isn’t always hearts and flowers. Sometimes, it lurks in the shadows and bites you on the ass when you least expect it.

I received a copy of this story from NetGalley for an honest review.

Who hasn’t imagined killing their boss? How to Kill Your Boss is an incredibly exciting read that combines the humor of horrible boss homicide fantasies with scorching erotic romance. I could not put this book down. You should definitely check out How to Kill Your Boss for yourself.

Tatum ‘Tate’ Wood is a murderer… well at least in her own mind. Fantasizing about killing her scumbag boss is one of the two simple pleasures Tate enjoys as she spends her days working as a receptionist for the company her deceased father founded. Tate’s second simple pleasure is her budding friendship with the too hot to be true Auditor, Franklin Reed. But when people around Tate start dropping like flies and she gets pinned for an all too real murder, Tate must decide if Franklin is friend or foe.

What I Loved: FRANKLIN. FRANKLIN. FRANKLIN. Did I mention I really loved Franklin? Ridiculously hot, great sense of humor, loyal, protective of the woman in his life, AND the man can kick some serious butt. Overall How to Kill Your Boss is an original read and author Krissy Daniels perfectly blends elements of humor, action, suspense, romance, and erotica.

What I Didn’t Love: Overall I really loved How to Kill Your Boss and thought it was a great book. My only small nitpick is that there are a lot of secondary characters in How to Kill Your Boss and at times I felt they may not have all been necessary to the story. There’s a mysterious neighbor, a sassy waitress, a kind detective, a psychotic high school classmate, a suspicious office manager, a jealous ex, a sexy hacker, an angry client, and so on. The volume of second tier players occasionally made it hard to focus.

Favorite Quotes:
“I’d set him high on a pedestal, to worship and adore. So close, but forever out of reach. With the absence of light, when his unreal beauty couldn’t blind me, I saw the man inside. I liked what was in there. I liked it so much, my chest hurt.”

“Love me, hate me. I don’t fucking care. Just be with me.”

“I hate you. I hate you with every ounce of my being. I loathe how you make me ache so deep I fear I’m dying. I detest the control you have over my body. I’m repulsed by my need for you. I hate you. But mostly, I hate that despite everything, I can’t shake you, and I don’t want to. I want you.”

If you’re looking for an incendiary read with lots of action (in and out of the bedroom) that still has a sense of humor, How to Kill Your Boss will not disappoint. While the story has a solid ending it is open enough for more adventures for Franklin and Tate. I hope that Daniels decides to revisit the pair; I would totally come back for another installment.

Happy reading.

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