Oct 8, 2014

*Release Blitz* By the Magic of Starlight by Serena Gilley

Beyond the limits of sight, magical beings live in the Forbidden Realm. The two worlds were once connected, but the desires of man forced their separation. Now, desire may bring them back together...
Raea is a fairy with a secret. Beneath a veil of moonlight and mist, she did the unthinkable: shared a night of exquisite passion with Kyne, the fairy-human hybrid whose touch makes her tremble. Now she can't forget the feel of his hard body and hot kiss against her skin. Their connection is undeniable-and forbidden.
Kyne's hunger for Raea is insatiable. As a fairy, he should be beyond the lure of lust, but as a man he can't resist the pleasure only she can provide. Yet if the Fairy Council is correct, their love will unleash a secret with the power to destroy the Realm forever...


Raea was glad her invisibility wish was still working. She could hear the
footsteps crunching through the leaves. It sounded painfully familiar, but this time
she wasn’t weak and helpless. She was ready to zip up into the trees. Unfortunately,
she realized Kyne would not be able to join her.

He was still human.

True, he still had his wings—they were a part of him, after all—but given
his size and his bulk and his apparent lack of magic, there was no way he could use
them for actual flight. He was stranded on the ground, fully visible to anyone who
might come by here.

And he was naked. He was beautifully, temptingly naked. She flew to him and
perched on his arm, tugging at his hand and shoving at him, trying to get him up.

“Come on. Get out of here. He’s going to find you.”

He laughed at her feeble attempts to move him, but he did as she
commanded. He sat up and shifted position. By the Skies, but he was remarkable.
She had been half afraid the sight of him as a human would destroy her craving for
him, but it didn’t. She still wanted him. Perhaps even more!

First, though, she wanted him safely away from here.

“All right,” he said, as she tried to push him up to stand on his feet. “Watch
out. I don’t want to step on you.”

“I’ll stay clear,” she assured him, buzzing around his head. “But you need to
hurry. He sounds close!”

He moved quickly, but not nearly as silently as she would have wanted.
Humans were such clumsy creatures. Fortunately, due to his size, he could cover a
lot of ground. One bound with his long legs and he was hidden behind the rocks. Not
that this would do much to protect him if the approaching human thought to look
there, but for now he was out of sight.

“Why can’t you just make me invisible?” he questioned when she followed
and began tugging at the undergrowth, hoping to cover him with it.

“I don’t have enough dust for that,” she explained. “Look at you, Kyne. You’re

“I told you this would be a problem.”

“Shh. He’s right there. See his light through the leaves? I’m going up into the
trees. He’ll probably have that device again and I can’t have my magic nearby, giving
you away. Stay hidden.”

She hoped he would be smart and follow her advice. She had barely made
it up to the lowest branches when Baylor came crashing into the clearing nearby,
waving his flashlight and his device.

“Kyne, is that you?” the man called out.

She held her breath and willed Kyne not to answer.

“Damn it, I know there’s magic here,” the man said. “I can detect it—I have
sensors all through this part of the forest. They’ve already automatically alerted the
council, you know. Whoever you are, show yourself now before it’s too late.”

Nothing answered him but the night breeze and a distant bird call. She could
tell the man was frustrated, but at least he had stopped walking and was standing
still, safely away from Kyne’s hiding place behind the rocks.

“I need to know what you did to my equipment!” Baylor called out.

“Whatever you did, it isn’t going to make them happy.” He paused, waited, and
waved his device around, then gave out a frustrated growl. “You don’t know what
you’ve done. You’ve just put your entire Realm in great danger.”

Something rustled behind the rocks. Raea cringed as the man’s head jerked
toward that direction. She started scanning the branches around her. If only she
could find an acorn or something and throw it, distract the man. No luck. She’d
taken refuge in an old maple tree. Only the tiniest buds of thin little seed pods grew
anywhere close to her. The chances of getting any of them to spiral down and make
enough noise to catch Baylor’s attention were nil.

And he was moving toward the rocks, just steps away now from discovering

“Kyne, talk to me. I don’t want to harm you.”

Suddenly Kyne darted up through the brush to hover in the air a safe
distance away from the man. He was small again, and not naked. A fern frond was
wrapped around him, making him seem wild and untamed. He glared at the human,
and if spite alone were a weapon, he likely could have struck him down where he

“How do you know who I am?” Kyne demanded.

“You think you are the only one who’s been curious? I know you’ve tracked
me, Kyne. You’ve watched me; you’ve studied me. You know who I am just the same
way I know you.”

“You don’t know me. You know nothing about me.”

“I wish we had time for this, but we don’t. They’re on their way back here
already and I need to get this machine running again. You can’t be here when I do. Its effects will harm you.”

“It’s here, under these rocks, isn’t it? What does it do? What are you and the
council creating out here in this forest?”

“The less you know of it the better,” Baylor replied. “Just trust me.”

“Trust you? After what you did to my mother? Where were you while the
council accused her of terrible things? While I was ridiculed and mistrusted every
day of my life? No, I’m not about to trust you, but I do want some answers. What is
this mechanism, and what does it do?”

Baylor paused and glanced around nervously. At first Raea thought he would
refuse to answer. After a heavy sigh and a heartbeat of silence, though, he did.

“It is a hybrid device—human and magical. It collects magic and regulates its
distribution through a network of other similar devices positioned in remote areas.
This is just part of the grid that keeps the Veil strong.”

“The Veil is a magical thing. We have never needed human technology to
provide our protection. You’re lying to me.”

“I wish I were. The Fairy Council has been aware for some time now that
magic just isn’t enough. The Veil has been losing power. It’s in danger of total

Fairies Raea and Kyne gave into their forbidden passion once and now it's time to pay the consequences. When Kyne is arrested by the Fairie Council, Raea must decide if a lifetime of loyalty to her fellow fairies outweighs her fiery connection to half-human Kyne. Can they save themselves and figure out what secret the Council is keeping from the rest of the magical realm?

What I Loved: I swear I could hear the heat between Raea and Kyne crackle and pop right out of my Kindle. This characters have "it" - intelligent banter, sexual tension, and in the end a real love that makes you believe their characters would do whatever it takes to be together.

What I Didn't Love: By the Magic of Starlight ends with A LOT of unanswered questions and I have to admit that I felt a little thrown by the conclusion. That said, I adore Raea and Kyne and will be back for the next book in the series.

Favorite Quotes:

"He was a man, nothing more in this moment. Only the vilest, most tainted fairy could ever love that. But she did. With the entirety of her soul."

"Our fate is decided, Kyne. That first moment we gave in to our passions our lives became wrapped in each other. Don't you see? We need each other."

Serena Gilley has created a vivid magical universe in the Forbidden Realm series. If you are a paranormal romance fan it would be a shame to miss out on these books. If you have not read Kissed by the Wave (Forbidden Realm #1), I highly recommend checking it out before jumping into By the Magic of the Starlight.

By the Magic of Starlight will be followed by Licked by the Flame. I will 100% be back and can't wait to see what's next for the Forbidden Realm.

Happy reading.

Serena Gilley grew up reading fantasy and fairy tales, and believing there was a distinct possibility that both of them were real. Somewhere. Even all these years later, Serena's belief in magic and mystery hasn't diminished. In fact, She is living out her own happily-ever-after with a handsome prince in a beautiful castle, taming dragons and granting wishes every day.  Okay, so the prince is a regular guy, the dragons are really just teenagers, and the wishes she grants are as spectacular as frozen pizza on Friday night, but it's a fantasy world just the same.

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