Dec 14, 2014

*Blog Tour & Review* Sex, Desires & Rock N’ Roll (Redemption #1) by Michelle Lee

He holds me captive with his brilliant blue eyes.
His crooked smile melts me every time.
His voice wraps around me when he sings.
His words break through and dive straight to my heart.
Dash Ford, lead singer of Redemption, is unlike any man I’ve ever met and I'm drawn to not only his lyrics but the man behind the voice.
But I am broken—beyond broken.
I had no intention of falling for him. But when we met, I had no other option. With him, I embrace the present while trying to put my past behind me. I find myself in a world I never expected, a world I’m not entirely sure I can handle.
Am I strong enough?
Will I be enough for a man who has everything?
Can I finally let go and give into the love I’ve wanted my whole life? Or will my past forever define and haunt me, keeping me from all I desire?

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Dash Pierce Ford
DOB: 10/7/84
Lead singer and guitarist for Redemption
Instrument: guitar and piano
Quote: "Sometimes I wish we could fix the things we can't."
Victor "Vic" Roman Rush
DOB: 2/21/84
Drummer for Redemption
Instrument: Drums
Quote: "Life is a journey, make it a fucking fun one!"
Lance William Caulfield
DOB: 5/16/84
Bass guitarist for Redemption
Instrument: bass guitar and violin
Quote: "Knowing your limitations and exceeding them is a gift."
Julia "Jules" Megan Bennett
DOB: 3/3/88
Works for Wine Gourmet Magazine
Tracy Lynn Scott
DOB: 1/17/89
Works for Color Intensity Salon
Valerie Marie Winston
DOB: 12/15/85
Works for Elite PR Management


 "My Burden"
She was gone right before my eyes.
Right from my grasp she slipped away.
I couldn't hold on tight enough
And it's all my fault.
She needed more than I had, more than I she would take from me.
Now she's gone forever.
Beaten, broken bruised. I'm drowning in despair.
All these fears swirling in my head consume my soul.
Breaking me, Breaking me, Breaking me.
It's only my burden to bear.
Not saving her chews at my core.
I'd rather go here than stay.
But I know that I can't.
There's an ache deep inside that consumes me--eats at me.
No, you won't ever get too far from me.
You're buried deep in my skin.

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

I'm a huge rock and roll romance fan. So when I got the opportunity to check out Sex, Desires & Rock N' Roll by Michelle Lee I was stoked.

Julia Megan Bennett , or Jules to everyone who loves her, is slowly rebuilding her life after surviving a horrific abusive relationship.  Jules battles back dark memories with the joy that comes from time with her best friends and the traction she is gaining as a food and wine writer. When a girls night out leads to a face to face with a devastatingly handsome rock star, Jules gets an inkling he may be the one to push the darkness away for good.

As the lead singer of popular band Redemption Dash Ford has found fame and success. But there is a heartbreak in him that popularity and groupies hasn't been able to touch. When he locks eyes with Jules, instinct kicks in and lets him know this stranger is important and may serve as the key to his illusive happiness.

Can two damaged souls find the strength to start over and take a risk on love?

What I Loved: Sex, Desires & Rock N’ Roll has a pretty important message about learning to heal and forgiving yourself for things in your past that cannot be changed. Author Michelle Lee deserves some kudos for highlighting the power counseling has on heroine Jules’s attempts to deal with her past and rebuild her life. Dash and Jules have great chemistry that translates to some steamy interactions.

What I Didn’t Love:  There is a lot going on in Sex, Desires & Rock N’ Roll and at times the focus got a little blurry for me. The story shifts between the impact of Jules’s physical/emotional abuse by her ex and her struggles with moving forward, the threat Jules's ex still poses to her, Dash’s celebrity as a rock star and the impact Jules has on the band, and Jules’s fighting to build her career as a Food & Wine writer. I would have loved a little more time on Dash and Jules building their relationship and even a chance to know the other members of Redemption slightly better. No spoilers but please be warned the ending of Sex, Desires & Rock N’ Roll is a cliff-hanger.

Favorite Quotes:

“The words I write and sing hold my truth, and my truth is dark, Sunshine.”

“I wish I knew what was going on in that pretty little head of yours. You get this look in your eyes, and your cheeks flush with a soft pink every once in a while. I’ve never been too fond of the color pink, but you are changing my feelings toward it. I’m starting to really love that color.”

“You’ve got me, baby. Actually you’ve had me since the first time I saw you. You’re mine. Only mine. Just so we’re clear.”

Though Sex, Desires & Rock N’ Roll has a few bumps I would recommend it for rock and roll romance fans. The story has a good message and the leads have promising chemistry. It will be interesting to see what author Lee has in store for Dash and Jules.

Happy reading.


Michelle Lee lives in the heart of Nascar Country in Concord, North Carolina with her husband and daughter.  When she’s not busy working, her days are filled with hanging out with her family and friends, reading, drinking Starbucks, shopping (lots and lots of shopping), and religiously watching the Food Network.

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