Feb 28, 2014

Deliver by Pam Godwin *Release Day Blitz*

His name was Joshua Carter. Now it's whatever she wants it to be.

She is a Deliverer.

She lures young men and delivers them to be sold. She delivers the strikes that enforce their obedience. She delivers the sexual training that determines their purchase price. 

As long as she delivers, the arrangement that protects her family will hold. 

Delivering is all she knows.

The one thing she can't deliver is a captive from slavery.

Until him.

And her stubborn slave thinks he can deliver her...from herself.

Romantic Thriller
Stand Alone (no cliff-hanger). The sequel is coming Summer 2014.
Content warning: Graphic sex, violence, and psychological abuse. Age 18+ only.

Pam Godwin lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.

Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.

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Feb 26, 2014

Captive by Brenda Rothert *Review*

Two years ago, Jason and Kate Ryker were brought together by grief and bound to one another by love. Now married, they’re confronting their fears together.

But heartbreak finds them again, and the ties that bind Kate and Ryke are tested as she struggles against fear and sadness. As a grief counselor, Kate understands all too well the pain of her clients. And while her husband’s career as an NHL forward is at an all-time high, he’s coping with the frustration of feeling powerless as his wife's hopes slip away.

Kate’s unexpected journey sheds light on the fear that imprisons her, and reveals that she is the only one who can set herself free.

5 "this book made me feel" stars....

This series is holding my heart captive. I loved the conclusion of Kate and Ryke's story. I can't wait for heart throb Luke to get his book. Hurry Brenda... I need to know that he is okay! I'll be there for him!

If you read my status updates, I had some moments. A few moments... I was heartbroken. I was pissed. I was in love.

Kate - What can I say? I like her and I hate her. During the middle I was finding her to be so selfish. She seemed to only think of her pain. She never seemed to understand or relate to Ryke's.

Oh, Ryke - You are hot, sweet, caring, compassionate, intense, sexy, talented, and fucking amazing. I love this character. I am so thankful that he was a faithful and loving athlete.

I really liked how the book ended. The last about 20% was my favorite. I did disconnect from Kate because I've never felt like she did even with having a miscarriage, but this pulled me back to her a bit and Ryke kept me going as did Melody. In my review of Bound, I said I wanted to see them face their problems because we only got the tip of recovery, and Brenda certainly dug deeper and rooted around in their issues. This book deals with their problems as a couple and as individuals and it was brutal. Grief is brutal. It is overwhelming and it is a process.

Brenda is so talented with writing. Her style is wonderful and her conversations feel genuine. All of the tension and tenderness never felt forced to me. I think it was real and I loved it. I am so thankful Brenda picked me to read her book. It was amazing and I will shout it out!!!

Feb 19, 2014

Ravage Me *Blog Tour*

After spending the last two years stuck behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit, Harlow ‘Princess’ Gavelson’s time inside has finally come to an end, and she’s ready for revenge. Unfortunately, being the daughter to the Vice President of the Ravage Motorcycle Club cuts into her plans, as orders must be followed. Trying to settle back into this life is proving difficult when the tables are turned and the woman who framed her is out for blood. Lucky for Princess, growing up in a MC has taught her how to hold her own.

After spending years in hell overseas, Donavon ‘Cruz’ came home to lose the very thing he went into hell for, sending him to the darkest moments of his life. Joining Ravage two years ago was his safe haven, and he protects his family at all costs. 

When a dark-haired bombshell struts into the club’s shop, he’s caught off guard but immediately knows she’s the one he’d do anything for. Tough as nails, and taking no crap from anyone, he’s captivated by a woman who could handle this life. Trying to meet the needs of the MC business and follow his heart proves to be difficult when the two collide, and lives are at stake. 

Can these two find a way to be together, or will the needs of Ravage cost them everything, including their lives?

*Contains mature content including, sex and violence. Mature audiences only.*

“Sugar, you just stirred up a shit storm.” The southern drawl to his voice mixed with the smell of leather, cigarettes, and radiating testosterone would have made my pussy clench, but he ruined that by pressing a damn gun to my head. 

“Low, don’t.” I ignored Casey just as I always did. Quickly, I turned my body. As my arm reached back to knock the gun out of his hand, I instantly froze. The three patch rag falling on his chest was a red light flashing in my eyes. Immediately, I stopped, putting my hands in front of me. I would never touch a brother, outside of the ring that is.

The man standing in front of me caught my breath and short-circuited my senses. His broad shoulders were covered with a skin-tight, black t-shirt and leather rag adorned with several patches that fit him like a glove. His bulging arms were covered in tattoos from the wrist up. They were flexed, one pointed the gun with precision, and the other was fisted at his side. His light caramel hair was cut short on the sides, but longer on the top, begging for a woman’s fingers to run through it. His beard was cut very short to his skin making my mouth water, wondering what it would feel like between my thighs. His sapphire eyes narrowed at me as I stared effortlessly in them, becoming entranced unable to speak.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Breaking from this man’s stare, I focused on the familiar voice I’ve missed for too long. Pops eyes swept the room quickly, and when his eyes landed on mine, the anger in them instantly faded. “What the hell’s going on?” He eyed the man with the gun pointed directly at my head and he clenched his hands into fists.

“Hey, Pops,” I said, turning my eyes back to the beautiful specimen in front of me, wanting him to know that I wasn’t afraid. If I needed a bullet in my head, so be it. I wouldn’t shy away.
“You know this bitch?” the hot asshole in front of me clipped, and my lip curled slowly. If he wasn’t  wearing that rag, I’d show him how much of a bitch I could be. 

“Put the damn gun down, Cruz,” Pops said jokingly. The anger dripping off this man’s face in front of me told me he didn’t see anything funny about this. He began to take a step closer. “Cruz. Stop!” Pops barked loudly as the other guys started walking up behind him. Cruz instantly stopped, but kept the gun on me. “Cruz, this is my daughter, Princess.”

“Shit. Are you fucking kidding me?” Cruz’s anger was actually pretty funny, and I had to stifle the small laugh that wanted to escape. I had too much respect to let it fly. But the shocked look on his face was pretty priceless coming from a tattooed hot-ass. I probably should have told him that sooner, but what can I say … I was born a bitch. 

“No, I’m not fucking kidding you. Get the fuck away from her, and put the goddamn gun down.” Moving my head to Pops, I could see he was fuming. Whenever Pops was mad, his forehead turned bright red, and the lines throughout it became more prominent along with the vein that ticked with this heartbeat. It’s a look I always hated growing up, and it used to scare the ever-loving shit out of me. 

My eyes flicked back while Cruz took one more look at me. “If you’re still pissed later, we can meet in the ring.” I smiled my damnedest. I could see the smoke threatening to come out of his ears. Confusion laced his eyes, but I wasn’t about to explain right now. I held out my hand to Cruz, “Nice to meet ya. I’m Harlow.” He stared me down as if he was hoping he could make me combust into a million pieces. Sorry Buddy, your super powers won’t work. I’ve been here too long to let that get me.

He tentatively lowered the gun, putting it behind his back, bringing his hand to mine. My hand slipped into his warm, rough, strong grip, a shock raced through my body, beginning at my connected hand and racing all the way through to my feet setting my body on fire. “Cruz.”

Ryan Michele’s a mom and wife who works full time. She lives in the Midwest and enjoys being outside when the weather’s nice. She even helps out in the corn field when it’s necessary.

Ryan Michele has a huge obsession with reading, which only came to life after her best friend said she had to read Twilight. After reading that series, her entire world changed in the blink of an eye. Not only was she sucked into new worlds and all of the wonderful words authors put down on paper, she felt the urge to begin to write down the characters that played inside of her head. In doing so, Safe was born. Then Wanting You and currently Ravage Me.

Social Media Links:

 Facebook | Goodreads |  Twitter |  Blog

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Feb 18, 2014

Love, Lies & The D.A. *Release Day Blitz*

Jada McLean is about to get married in nine days, when she walks in on her fiancĂ© in a little more than a compromising position. Days later, she’s on a trip that she intends to be relaxing and a prelude to her fresh start, when she runs into the rude, obnoxious, but gorgeous Jonathan Kole.
Jonathan Kole is San Francisco’s newest District Attorney. When he finds himself deeply attracted to a stunning beauty, he has no idea that she’s about to get into BIG trouble with the law—and he’ll be the one presiding over her trial. To make matters worse, his father is the lawyer representing her in the high-profile case.

When a series of events force them together over New Year’s weekend, Jonathan’s feelings and ethics will come into question, while Jada comes to terms with the fact that she is falling for the man that will be responsible for attempting to put her behind bars… Little do they know, they're both about to fall into a whirlwind so deep, it will send both their lives spiraling out of control.

Rebecca Rohman is a wife and designer currently living in the Northeastern United States. She was a Sales Manager for a tourist magazine, and for many years prior, she was involved in marketing for a jewelry company, and later for a fine wine distributor.

About fifteen years ago, she started writing her first romance novel, Uncorked, just to purely entertain herself. It was not until early in 2012 when she decided to complete it and share it with the world. The story was published in February of 2013. Love, Lies & The D.A. is her second novel.

Feb 17, 2014

Forty 2 Days by Georgia Le Carrie *Review*

Beyond the seductive power of immense wealth lies... Dark Secrets

Devastatingly handsome billionaire, Blake Law Barrington was Lana Blooms first and only love. From the moment they touched his power was overwhelming. Their arrangement quickly developed into a passionate romance that captivated her heart and took her on an incredible sexual journey she never wanted to end.
The future together looked bright until Lana made a terrible mistake. So, she did the only thing she could... she ran.

Away from her incredible life, away from the man of her dreams, but she should have known a man such as Blake Law Barrington was impossible to escape. Now, he’s back in her life and determined that she should taste the bitterness of his pain.

Shocked at how rough the sex has become and humiliated that she is actually participating so willingly in her punishment, she despairs if she will ever feel the warmth of his touch—the solidity of his trust again? And even if she can win his trust, loyalties are yet to be decided, and secrets to be revealed—secrets that will test them both to their limits.

Will Lana be able to tear down the walls that surround Blake’s heart, and break him free of the brutal power of immense wealth?

Can Blake hold on to Lana’s heart when she discovers the enormity of the dark secrets that inhabit the Barrington family?

Lana has always believed that love conquers all. She is about to test that belief…

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.  Pictures used as part of this review are used for fun and don’t belong to me.

The finale of The Billionaire Banker saw pregnant Lana Bloom running from Blake Law Barrington and seeking solace and safety in her homeland of Iran. Forty 2 Days opens roughly a year later with Lana back in England looking to make a new life for herself and her son Sorab.

The pursuit of a small business loan puts Lana right where she doesn’t want to be, directly in the cross-hairs of Blake. Gone is the man who showed her dying mother kindness. In his place is something darker, something close to a monster.

“The change, the extent of his anger, is impossible to comprehend. He is different. There is no longing. Only an intense desire to hurt and have his revenge. This is not the same man. My actions have unleashed something uncontrollable. Something that wants to hurt me.” 

Blake was broken physically and emotionally when Lana left him. Unaware of the threats Lana faced and the baby she carried, when Blake sees his opportunity to regain control over Lana and make her suffer, he grabs it with both hands. 

“My beautiful whore. Once I was good to you and you kicked me when I was down; now you get what you deserve.” 

As Lana struggles to hide Sorab’s paternity and fulfill Blake’s humiliating demands, Blake struggles to maintain his rage at Lana. Surrounded by enemies and nursing countless past hurts, the dark and twisted love the two feel for each other may be the only thing that can save them both. 

“You must believe me when I tell you, you are my sustenance, my oxygen. In fact, right now, what I feel for you is the only part of me that feels human.” 

When I first read The Billionaire Banker I wasn’t 100% sold on the story but there was something about heroine Lana Bloom that caught my attention. That something told me I needed to come back and revisit her in Forty 2 Days. I am honestly glad that I did. Author Le Carre created a fast paced story with scenes that were both shocking and emotional. I enjoyed the constant power struggle between Lana and Blake, each character so hurt and in pain that they can’t help but lash out at each other as they fall back in love. Blake does some awful things to Lana but in doing them he undergoes some major growth. As Blake begins to own the damage he’s done and man up, I found I was as willing to forgive him as Lana was.

If you’re looking for an easy romance full of endearments, Forty 2 Days and its predecessor The Billionaire Banker may not be for you. If you like a little bite and edge in your love stories, I recommend checking out both books. Forty 2 Days should not be read as a stand-alone, you will need to check out The Billionaire Banker first.

Forty 2 Days does not end on a cliff-hanger but is open for a continuation of the story. If Le Carre revisits Lana and Blake, I’ll definitely be back for more.

Happy reading.

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Feb 13, 2014

A Semblance of Innocence by Caye Collen *Review*

Elise Shumperk is a promising senior at Georgetown University, even if she's also lonely and unable to connect with people. Then, as she begins her final semester, a set of events lead her to become incapable of paying for school, or for anything else. Desperate, she reluctantly sells herself. Though not to just anyone, but to the most beautiful man she's ever seen—a man who just might become the next president of the United States. And their relationship quickly develops from simple heart-stopping sex to something approaching love.

Which is when her real problems begin.

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

Elise Shumperk has a bright future ahead of her. A senior at the top of her class at Georgetown, Elise knows she’s got a great shot securing a coveted internship for Senator Mitch Roethe, a position that will lay the groundwork for a career in politics. What she didn’t count on was her father stealing millions of dollars and the FBI freezing all of her assets. Faced with getting kicked out of Georgetown for lack of tuition and losing her internship, Elise turns to The Girls Next Door, an elite agency that provides full perks physical companionship to some of Washington D.C.’s most powerful men.

Senator Mitch Roethe has a wealthy wife, beautiful children and is in line for the presidency. The only problem is that he feels absolutely nothing. In desperation he turns to The Girls Next Door hoping one of their special ladies will ignite something in him. What he didn’t count on is the consuming lust he begins to feel for his assigned girl. He brushes off the feeling that he’s seen her before and focuses on getting as much play time with her as possible. 

What worked – Author Caye Collen sets a great scene. I could see Elise and Mitch maneuvering around Washington D.C. with its various power players. Also the assignments where Elise and Mitch meet up to play are well written and convey a dark desperation in each of the leads.

What didn’t work – A Semblance of Innocence disturbed me and left me feeling slightly unpleasant after I finished the story. The decisions and actions of the characters were so confusing and inconsistent that I couldn’t form an emotional connection to any of them. At times the plot would veer in a direction that contradicted a scene that just happened. I struggled to make the story work for me and in the end I found I couldn’t.

The idea that a brilliant young woman at one of the most prestigious Universities in the country can only save herself from a financial crisis by selling her body – I was willing to go with it for the sake of story. That the john she gets chosen for would be America’s sweetheart Senator who the heroine happens to have an internship lined up with – still following but starting to stretch. Instantaneous love/obsession followed by the blatant sabotaging of said heroine’s education and future that she was willing to sell herself for – nope, you’re losing me. Multiple hot encounters but the second the possibility of being together for real happens both immediately lose attraction and they can’t make it work physically – I’m done. 

Elise and Mitch are so devoid of feeling and hot and cold in their physicality, as the story progressed I found I didn’t care if the wound up together or not. This turned out to be good in the third act when a new love interest, Ian, is introduced. The introduction of the love triangle (or actually love pentagon since the Senator is married with kids and his assistant is also in love with him) seemed sudden and out of place with the majority of the story. 

One other small problem I had is that the story is told in multiple POV’s – Elise, Mitch, Ian, and Mitch’s right-hand woman Deborah. At times I found the transition jarring and I’m not sure that everyone needed a say in telling the story. There is a plot thread about Deborah’s obsession with Mitch and her rage at his relationship with Elise that I felt detracted from the overall story.

Author Caye Collen paints vary vivid pictures and somewhere there is someone that A Semblance of Innocence may speak to. That said I personally did not enjoy it and I cannot recommend it.

The Fine Line by Alicia Kobishop *Review*

High school senior Liv Evans has one rule: No attachments. She’s lost enough in her life and has vowed to do whatever it takes to make sure she never again feels the emptiness of losing someone she loves. Boys are a fun distraction, but a serious relationship is something she’d rather live without. Her determination for a future free of pain and heartbreak is put to the test when she meets–and quickly forms an unexpected bond–with Logan Tanner.

Logan has always been a free spirit, but ever since a life-changing event took place, which left him doubting the integrity of those who are closest to him, he’s taken that term to a whole new dangerous level. Learning the hard way that life is too short for worries or work–and that women can’t be trusted–Logan has exchanged steady work for street racing. When Liv walks into his world, everything he thought he knew about life and women is challenged.

In The Fine Line, Liv and Logan will discover if it’s possible for true love to have a future, or if history is destined to repeat itself.

I loved Logan. He was super yummy and swoon-worthy... Liv... Not so much. I often wanted to bitch slap her silly. I kept thinking, "Why can't you get your shit together and see what is right in front of you?" FRIENDS...really? That is all you want? The boy is gorgeous and wonderful to you...

I like the cover, but I think it is deceiving. While the book has a background of racing, I don't think that is the spotlight. We have drama, drama, drama in this book and of the teenager variety which provides you with lots of eye rolling and laugh out loud moments at the ridiculousness of the age.

I don't think this book was highly predictable which I liked and it did have twists that I didn't see coming. I think the writing was good. I could see that the author had a plan of how the book with how it all came together. The author has a good debut novel and I would read more by her!

ARC provided by the author for an honest review. Images are for fun only.

Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros *Review*

Three knocks can change everything…

"She knew. That’s why Mom hadn’t opened the door. She knew he was dead."

Twenty years as an army brat and Ember Howard knew, too. The soldiers at the door meant her dad was never coming home. What she didn’t know was how she would find the strength to singlehandedly care for her crumbling family when her mom falls apart. 

Then Josh Walker enters her life. Hockey star, her new next-door neighbor, and not to mention the most delicious hands that insist on saving her over and over again. He has a way of erasing the pain with a single look, a single touch. As much as she wants to turn off her feelings and endure the heartache on her own, she can’t deny their intense attraction.

Until Josh’s secret shatters their world. And Ember must decide if he’s worth the risk that comes with loving a man who could strip her bare.

I was scrolling through Netgalley new books and came across this cover. I was attracted to it and thought it was gorgeous so I clicked the link and loved the blurb. I was so excited when I got my copy that I read it right after it downloaded. I finished it in one day. Why?!

Because... It. Sucks. You. In.

I had opened the door to a fire, and it was poised to decimate my family.

I read that opening and was mesmorized. I was panicking inside like I was in the room. I felt everything! It was so powerful. It took me back to my Grandfather's funeral and I was 10 so I only remember parts, but I remember the gun shots and the folding of the flag, and the commander saying"on behalf of a grateful nation...". When it was all happening for the family, I felt the sadness and loss, I felt the shutting down, the fear of the future. It all swirled in me. It was beautifully tragic. I think the writing was wonderful. I love to beta read and review books so I read a lot. There is something special about Rebecca Yarros' writing.



The story itself was refreshingly new. It's a lot of newness and something I've never read before. The journey for this family and Ember specifically was touching and beautiful. I was sad that it ended and I fell in love with Josh. I thought he was a wonderful man. His secret wasn't exactly a surprise, but how it was handle and the emotions on both side got me.

I loved it. I would put Rebecca on a definite watch list for future books and I'd be in her fan club any day!

Congratulations, I might stalk you now!

ARC provided by Netgalley. Images are for fun only and are not mine.

Feb 11, 2014

The Scars of Us *Blog Tour*

Kaiya Marlow has always been cautious, precise in every decision she makes. When her dark past threatens to resurface, she decides to take precautions to protect herself by enrolling in self-defense classes at her gym.

Her instructor, Ryker Campbell, is the tattooed womanizer everyone warns about. Kaiya attempts to resist Ryker's advances, but the more time they spend training together, the harder it is for Kaiya to resist him.

Ryker's view on relationships is simple: strictly sex, nothing more. Haunted by demons from his past, he never allows himself to become attached to any woman. No attachment means no weakness, no vulnerability, no pain. He doesn't realize that his whole world is about to be turned upside down when Kaiya enters his self-defense class. Determined to have her, at least for one night, Ryker sets a plan into motion that will change both of their lives forever.

Will love be able to heal their scars, or are they too deep to overcome?

“Why are you avoiding me?” Ryker angrily spat, closing the door to the sauna. His eyes ran over me as he crossed his arms over his broad chest. Clad only in a pair of gym shorts and no shirt, his skin gleamed with a sheen of sweet. He looked like he’d just finished working out. Fuck me.

“Are you really going to do this in here?” I snapped back as I clutched my towel to me. 

His voice was gruff and matter of fact. “I have no other choice—you've missed class for almost three weeks now, and you won't answer my calls.”

“I've been busy,” I lied. 

The truth was that I'd been sulking around my apartment trying not to think of Ryker, which was almost impossible. He dominated every thought, much like his presence did in real life. 

Eyes narrowing in determination, he advanced toward me, causing me to back up into the tile wall. Surprisingly, I wasn't scared—Ryker never caused that kind of fear in me. What he made me feel was more of an exhilarating kind of the fear, the kind you get when you're about to do something like bungee jump or skydive, the kind that excites your soul.

Caging me between his arms, my already fevered skin heated more from his proximity as he pressed against me with his body. I hadn't realized just how much I missed his touch until his skin reunited with mine, making me feel as though a piece of me had been lost since we'd last been together.

Ryker's eyes met mine, and there was no denying the desire and longing in them. “Always fighting me, Warrior,” he softly spoke as he caressed my cheek with the back of his knuckles. Leaning in, he grazed my neck with his lips. The combination of heat from the steam and his mouth began to blanket me in a heady fog, evaporating all thought and replacing it with lust.

“I've missed you,” Ryker murmured against my skin before tracing the curve of my jaw with his tongue. My breath escaped in a low moan as he pulled my body closer to him, leaving no space between us while he continued to taste me.

My hands tangled in his hair, leaving my loose towel barely clinging to my sweaty skin. When he brought his lips to mine, I let go of everything, losing myself in him and how he made me feel.

He groaned in my mouth as our tongues met, tangling together seamlessly as he lifted me. My legs automatically wrapped around him as he pressed me up against the wall, his hardened erection pushing against my already heated core.

Ryker nipped at my lips as he ripped the towel from my body, tossing it to the floor as his callused hands reacquainted themselves with my skin. God, I missed him. I don't think I'll ever be the same without his touch. Finding my breasts, Ryker's talented fingers massaged my stiff nipples before his mouth claimed them. The blissful combination of his soft, wet mouth and hard, smooth tongue ring against my sensitive flesh caused a moan to escape from my throat.

Leaning my head back against the wall, I let Ryker consume me. He eagerly suckled my breasts, pulling each nipple with his teeth before caressing it with that amazing piercing again. I love how he makes me feel—so 
alive … almost whole.

“Ryker,” I breathlessly moaned as I reached for his shorts. Slipping my hand inside, I found his cock and pulled it out, needing him to fill me.

He didn't hesitate—he never did. Gripping my hips, he thrust himself inside my slick sex as his mouth reclaimed mine. Sweat beaded on our skin as he roughly pummeled me against the tile, taking me closer to 
heaven with each stroke.

Ryker's thick shaft stretched my walls, the pleasurable pain spreading throughout every inch of my limbs. I reveled in how he made me forget everything else, immersing me in us and the beauty of how our bodies perfectly connected. He unraveled and completed me all at the same time.

“Fuck, I missed you, baby, missed the taste of your sweet skin,” Ryker groaned against my lips. 

I love it when he talks to me like that.

I forced him deeper inside me with my legs, tightening my hold around his hips. He growled his approval, increasing the pace and intensity of his thrusts as his cock blissfully ravaged me. 

Ryker's lips left mine as he nuzzled his face into my neck and placed soft kisses along my skin. “I haven't been able to get you off my mind. I've been going crazy thinking about you, baby.”

“Me too. I've missed you so much,” I whimpered as I guided his mouth back to mine. 

His strength amazed me, unwavering as he supported my weight while simultaneously using his body to fuck me senseless. Ryker continuously pumped into me, creating a sensual rhythm just for us as our bodies molded together in harmony.

Ryker pulled back and grasped my face in his inked hands. “Never again, Warrior.” His voice was gruff and deep, laced with emotion. “Can't go through that again.”

“Never, baby, never,” I whispered. 

His mouth crashed on mine again. Every press of Ryker's lips, every caress from his hands, and every stroke of his amazing cock pushed me closer to ecstasy. My body ached for it, needing release after craving Ryker for so long.

As if sensing how close I was, Ryker pounded harder into me, creating the perfect combination of pain and pleasure within my body. My nails raked across his back as I cried out in euphoria, my climax sending tremors of sensation throughout my limbs. My thighs trembled against his hips as his strokes intensified in both speed and strength, seeking his own release. Seconds later, he withdrew his throbbing cock from my sex before shooting his cum up between my breasts.

The sticky heat of the room was stifling, making it more difficult to breathe as we disentangled ourselves. Picking up my towel, Ryker gently wiped his release from my skin, snapping me out the sensual fog we’d created. 

Immediately, I felt self-conscious, causing panic to root within me. Anxiety began to tighten in my body, trying to seize every muscle in its grasp as it attempted to take hold. 

Ryker's hand cupped my cheek. “What's wrong?”

My eyes snapped to his, trying to focus on him to pull myself out of my downward spiral. My chest heaved as it struggled to breathe, causing Ryker's eyes to crease in worry. “Breathe, baby, breathe. It's okay, everything is okay.”

Breathe. In, out, in, out. The pressure began to relinquish as I concentrated on Ryker's face. Both of his hands clasped my face. “You with me, baby?”

I gave him a tight nod. My chest was still somewhat constricted, and my muscles were stiff, but the tension was slowly easing away. “I'm sorry—I have to go,” I stammered as I snatched the towel from Ryker's hand. 

I darted around him toward the exit while trying to wrap the cloth around me.

“You don't have to run from me, Warrior,” he called out after me. Ryker’s words stopped me, only a few feet from the door. I felt him behind me as his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling my body against his. Pressing a soft kiss to my shoulder, he murmured, “Talk to me, baby.” 

My mouth dried up, the words stuck in my throat. I blinked rapidly, willing back tears. Ryker slowly turned me to face him and pressed our foreheads together as he released a breath. 

“I know you've been hurt before, experienced things that no one should ever have to. Just know that I'd never do that to you. Ever. I know you're probably not ready to talk about it yet, but when you are, I'll be here.” 
And with those words, Ryker smashed a small hole in the barrier surrounding the broken pieces of my heart.

My name is Nikki Narvaez. I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, where I currently live with my husband, our two dogs, Bella and Oreo, and our cat, Cupcake. I have been teaching for four years, but I hope to becomea full-time writer and stay at home mom one day. I am 27 years old, and have three older sisters who haveblessed me with four nephews and one niece. In my free time, I love to write and play Texas Hold 'Em poker.

Social Media Links: 

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Feb 10, 2014

Separation Anxiety *Blog Tour*

Title: Separation Anxiety

Author: Lisa Suzanne

Release Date: February 3, 2014

We all get one true love in our lives, and it’s up to us to find it. Fate will act and try to push us together, but ultimately it’s up to us to recognize who that one person is when he’s standing in front of us.

It turns out that I recognized who my one person was when I was separated from my husband.

On the same day I determined that I was finally going to file for divorce, I confessed my secret to Jesse Drake, my swoon­worthy colleague known for his womanizing ways. Jesse invited me to crash with him, and with each new piece of the enigmatic Jesse puzzle that I started to fit into place, I found myself wondering if Fate had pushed us together for a reason.

If only my husband would stop getting in the way of the man with whom I was meant to be.

He started driving toward my place. I was curious how he knew where I lived, but he never asked. As we approached my neighborhood, I gathered my purse from the floor and took a deep breath, steeling myself for what was awaiting me.
But we drove right past my neighborhood. “I live back there,” I said, pointing my thumb behind us.
“Well I live up here,” he countered.
“What?” I put voice to the question in my head.
“I’m not taking you to your house. You need someone to talk to, and you obviously need a night away from your almost ex. I’ve got extra space, and you might be aware that I have a degree in counseling, so I’m taking you home with me.”
My heart pounded, and then I felt a deep, aching throb start to form between my legs.
He was taking me home?
He was taking me home!
Holy shit!
I was going to Jesse’s house.
I was going to sleep in Jesse Drake’s bed.
Well, technically a guest bed that belonged to Jesse Drake.
Same difference.
“It’s okay, Jesse. You can take me to my house.” My argument was weak, but I knew I had to put one up anyway.
“Forget about it. You’re coming with me.”

Lisa Suzanne is a high school English teacher who lives at home in Arizona with her amazing husband and adorable yellow lab. She loves summer more than her students do. She has loved to write for as long as she can remember.

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