Jan 30, 2015

*Blog Tour* Between Everything & Us by Rebecca Paul


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Genre: New Adult
Release Date: January 20, 2015
Cover Design: Maggie Hall
Matisse Evans is determined to make her sophomore year of college successful after failing out of a prestigious art school and spending a horribly boring gap year at home. Despite her focus, time isn't on her side as she struggles to hold down three jobs so she can afford her first apartment while juggling course work. In the chaos of it all, Beau Grady moves in and shakes up her world. A college dropout and tattooed bad boy, the rumors about Beau mean one thing for Matisse—trouble. Paralyzed by the fear that she's missing out on life, Matisse discovers plans may unravel, but what rises in their wake can be worth the uncertainty.
After spending the summer couch surfing, Beau Grady moves into an empty room at his ex-girlfriend’s Portland bungalow, skipping his senior year of college to spend his days working at a Vietnamese food cart instead. Once a star hockey player and gifted student, he’s put his life on hold after receiving a life-altering diagnosis, complacent to live in the moment. Hiding behind false rumors and bad habits, Beau falls for Matisse, letting her believe the worst until their relationship blooms into something they both can’t ignore. Falling for her means having to face a future he’d rather forget, but loving her just might be worth it.
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She grabs my hands and pins them together. I don’t fight off her touch. I let Mati gather them and raise them above my head. “I think it’s so easy to fall into the world when you’re not ready,” she says seriously. Her free hand brushes over my brows, then sweeps down my nose. “It’s such a big place and we’re all very tiny in the scheme of things.” “What are you trying to say?” “It sucks being an outlier, Beau. I get it. But in spite of everything, we’re always going to feel a bit lost. It’s the part of growing up that no one ever tells you about.” “You’re very wise today, Miss Mati.” “I’m lots things, mister. I’m...” Her voice drops off and she nervously glances down at my chest. “I think I’m a little bit in love with you actually.” At least I’m sitting. That doesn’t help the way my stomach drops though. I snake my hands out of her grip and brace them around her face. There’s a reason why outliers exist on the outside—they can’t find their way in. Mati is no outlier to me. We kiss for what seems like hours. I don’t care if it’s for days. But we kiss until my mouth wipes away the nervousness in that confession of hers, while I still cowardly hide behind mine. In the wild, in the sun, Mati and I are...well, we’re something I never thought I’d have or find. And that’s everything.  
Nothing creates emotional upheaval like being young and trying to establish your place in the world while balancing demands from parents, friends, employers, and potential soul-mates. Between Everything & Us does a wonderful job of balancing the beauty of youthful dreams and the strength in embracing adult realities.
What I Loved: Author Rebecca Paul wrote a beautiful story full of emotion, conflict, and love. As I started writing this review I checked back and highlighted over 15 vibrant quotes that just sing. Matisse and Beau are wonderfully flawed characters and I fell for both of them quickly and completely.
What I Didn't Love: The back and forth between Matisse and Beau builds tension but eventually I wanted to grab the both of them and yell "Stop it, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Also, I would have appreciated a little more detailed backstory on Matisse's  time before coming to Sutton for a second chance.
Favorite Quotes:
"His dimple is unnecessary. Completely. I mean who has one dimple? Charming shits, that's who."
"He looks as if he's reading my mind - close to bending down and kissing me. I wouldn't mind that. Right now. In front of everyone. Not one fucking bit."
"Mati is a someday-girl, the one you're supposed to meet later when you're less of a prick and have your shit together. Someday girls are lost to idiots like me now, and if I'm being honest, they don't exist in the future either."
"Somehow she's not only managed to find a way to my heat, she's sunk deep into my bones. She flows through my veins even now. Even when I face a giant void."
Between Everything & Us is a sweet story about growing up and grabbing hold of what is truly important in building your future. If you're a New Adult fan, Between Everything & Us is going to be the read for you.
Happy reading.
Rebecca writes smart and gritty New Adult romances, as well as historical romances, featuring flawed characters struggling to find their place in the world. She's a lover of rainy days, an unabashed anglophile, and a devote Earl Gray tea drinker. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and their very spoiled cat, Bella. A wanderlust connoisseur, Rebecca can be caught daydreaming about her next travel adventure when not writing.
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