Jan 26, 2015

*Blog Tour* The Traveling Man (Traveling, #1) by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Release Date: January 27, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
I was ordinary. Nice. He was extraordinary. And he wasn’t always nice. Moody and difficult, brilliant and beautiful, Kes scared me and he protected me. He could be incredibly hurtful and incredibly thoughtful. He wasn’t perfect, but he was perfect for me. He challenged me, he took me out of my safe little box and showed me the world could be magnificent. He was everything I wasn’t.
Aimee Anderson is ten when the traveling carnival first comes to her nice little town. She doesn’t expect her world to change so completely. But meeting Kestrel Donohue puts her life on a different path. Even though she only sees him for the two weeks of the year when he passes through her home town, his friendship is the most important of her life. As a child’s friendship grows to adult love, the choices become harder, and both Kes and Aimee realize that two weeks a year will never be enough.    
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I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

The Traveling Man was my first book hangover of 2015. Both heart-breaking and passionately romantic, The Traveling Man by Jane Harvey-Berrick consumed me. This is a phenomenal read that I highly recommend.

Aimee Anderson's life changes forever at the age of 10 when a trip to the carnival introduces her to rascally and enticing Kestral Donohue. For two weeks each year the pair build a friendship that slowly builds to love. But forces beyond their control rip them violently apart leaving enough scars and pain to last for years. Can a chance encounter as adults give life to a love built as children? Will past hurts and too many secrets wreck their second chance before they fully embrace a future together?

What I Loved: Beautifully written with amazing leads and tons of heart, The Traveling Man is a read I won't forget any time soon. This book had all of the feels - first loves, forced separation, second chance romance, the dilemma of true love versus personal ambitions and dreams. I could not touch another book for two days after this read because I just kept jumping back into the story and re-reading. 99.99% certain The Traveling Man will be on my top ten list for 2015.

What I Didn't Love: Oh Kes. He's a wonderful character who manages to rock a great balance of dominant Alpha male and wounded soul at the same time but love is a two way street and I needed him to give a little more of himself to Aimee. Just something to show that he acknowledged that by choosing him and his life on the road, Aimee would be sacrificing the dreams she had for herself. I hope this is addressed in the follow-up The Traveling Woman.

Favorite Quotes:

"I had two weeks of memories that shone as insubstantial as my dreams, and fifty long weeks to wait for my life to start again."

"I realized then that he thought I'd change my mind. That little hint of his uncertainty opened the gateway to my heart another inch. Damn him."


You want this book. You need this book. For the love of all the is good in books, pick up The Traveling Man.

Happy reading.

I lived in London for over 10 years and have a love affair with New York. It's only since I have moved to the countryside, that the words have really begun to flow. I live in a small village by the ocean and walk my little dog, Pip, every day. It’s on those beachside walks that I have all my best ideas. Writing has become a way of life – and one that I love to share.  
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  1. Thank you so much for falling in love with Aimee and rascally Kes! I loved everything you wrote. THANK YOU! jx


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