Jan 18, 2015

*Release Blitz* Get Your Rocks Off (Rock God #2) by KE Osborn

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Release Date: 18th January 2015
Genre: Contemporary
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This book is for mature audiences 18+ It contains explicit language, drug and sexual content.

After Lia’s life-altering accident, Colt is left to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart. Her accident changed his life forever and when faced with the trials ahead, will Colt be able to stay on the straight and narrow or will he fall back into his old out- of-control habits?

Colt is forced to carry on and to try to live a full life, but with the many changes happening around him, how will he overcome devastating news and go on to continue being the famous rock God we all love? Faced with many ups and down’s Colt must learn to live again, even when life gives you the proverbial lemonade.

When an unexpected blast from the past returns, how will he cope with the struggles forced upon him and his life – will Colt go completely ‘off his rocker?’ or will he find the strength to carry on and truly be happy again.


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I’m sitting here, holding Lia’s hand. It’s cold and she’s pale white. So I just sit and stare, at nothing – waiting. Waiting for what exactly, I don’t know. It’s not like she’s suddenly going to wake up. I stare at her beautiful face, so lifeless and still. I don’t know why I let go of her hand. I was holding her so tight even with all those people around. I should have held on – I should have fought harder. I failed, and now all I have before me is a motionless body of the woman I love beyond anything I’ve ever loved in my entire life. If I could be in her place, I would gladly swap.
They say the moment before you die your life flashes before your eyes. I wonder if anything like that happened to Lia? I wonder if she felt nothing but bliss before she flat-lined? I hope so, and I hope that wherever her soul is right now that she’s happy and not looking down on the mess that I am without her.


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I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

Get Your Rocks Off jumps in right where the cliffhanger of Off Your Rocker? ended, with Lia at death's door. Colt struggles to keep it together but as the ramifications of Lia's accident grow the couple's future begins to look not so bright. Life and death, marriage and babies, fame and fortune - the Rock God of Slayed must decide what his priorities are and what he needs to do to ensure Lia is with him to experience it all.

What I Loved: Colt and Lia snagged by heart in Off Your Rocker? so I was eager to see what author KE Osborn had in store for them. Get Your Rocks Off is one heck of an emotional roller coaster that clearly demonstrates Colt and Lia are the real deal. Their time together spans weeks, months and years. I loved how the characters grew as individuals and in their love for each other. I may have wanted to shake them both senseless on occasion, but it just meant I definitely invested in them as charcters. Get Your Rocks Off had me clenching my chest in several scenes and going "No, no, no..." but I knew the characters would do what it took to get a happily ever after. An added bonus is the friendship between Lia and her BFF Anna. I love a good female friendship storyline and the one between Lia and Anna totally shines.

What I Didn't Love: Holy Xanax Batman, but this book was a smidge darker than I expected. Every time Colt and Lia overcome one obstacle it felt like - WHAM - new smack down that drives them both to the breaking point. Colt's brother Hux has also made my list of characters most in need of a smack upside the head list.

Favorite Quotes:

"Nothing will stop me from spending until the end of time with you. I love you so much it hurts, and a life without you isn't a life worth living."

"You save me Lisa, every time. I just hope I can be the one to save you..."

"I never in my wildest dreams have ever thought I would have a friend who would be so loving and loyal as Anna is. If Colt wasn't my soul mate, I think Anna would be, in a non-sexual way of course."

Overall Get Your Rocks Off is well-written and definitely packs in the drama. If you like your romance with angst, you are going to LOVE this book. Get Your Rocks Off is not a stand alone and if you want to check it out you will need to have read Off Your Rocker? before jumping into the story. I recommend giving the books a go and I'll be checking out some of KE Osborn's other books.

Side note - The epilogue for Get Your Rocks Off sets up the various Slayed offspring forming their own band. I would 100% read that book. Just saying.

Happy reading.

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About The Author

Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. Having worked in the optical industry for some time, K E Osborn decided it was time to leave the optical world behind and start on something new. With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she tried her hand at writing.

K E Osborn hid the fact that she was writing from her family, as she believed her first story was simply something she had to get on paper first and then judge if it was good enough for others to read. It wasn’t until her mother found a printed version of the manuscript that her secret came out. She was a writer, and she loved it. Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh, cry, and get completely enveloped with the characters and their story lines. She feels at home when writing.

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