Jan 11, 2015

*REVIEW* Just One Sip (The Club #1) by Scarlett Dawn

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, turns up the heat with two best friends, who were always meant for each other, in the first novella of The Club series, Just One Sip...
Lucy Plume knows Jet Mak is the man she wants to marry. Her thoughts have never wavered to another. Lucy knows all of Jet’s secrets, his family’s secrets, and doesn’t give a damn. He is her best friend, her lover, her confidant…her all. But can she finally find the courage to say yes?
Jet Mak knows Lucy Plume is the woman he wants to marry. He’s known since they were children. Lucy is the only woman who can make him smile and groan at the same time. She tests his patience beyond what most men would endure, but he doesn’t care. He wants her, and everyone knows it. If only Lucy would say yes…
This is a multi-author project--you can find all The Club books at http://www.theclub.website

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.
From a fast childhood friendship to surviving a teenage angst filled separation to standing on the edge of forever together, Lucy Plume and Jet Mak's love has stood the test of time. If Lucy could only shut down the anxiety that keeps her from taking the final step in cementing their future they would get their happy ever after. Can Jet get Lucy to accept what she's already knows, that they're mean to be?
What I Loved: I have a special place in my heart for novellas and Just One Sip is a prime example of why they rock. In just 68 pages author Scarlett Dawn packs in two decades of sweet friendship, first love, and passionate devotion between leads Jet and Lucy. The connection between Jet and Lucy becomes so strong and so transparent in such a brief amount of time, it was impossible not to fall for both characters and cheer them on.
What I Didn't Love: Just One Sip is a solid novella with little not to enjoy.
Favorite Quotes:
"He and I, we were made for each other. Two cinnamon rolls in a zipped up baggie. With extra icing. And maybe a random green sprinkle or two."
"He's the man I want to take just one sip from every minute of every hour of every day. For the rest of my life."
If you're looking for a quick read that has sweet romance, is well-written and has great leads, Just One Sip is the book for you. Just One Sip is the first in The Club novella series and I will definitely be coming back to check out the rest of the novellas
Happy reading.

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