Jan 3, 2015

*Review* One Urge, One Plea, Keep Me Trilogy by Scarlet Wolfe

“Tie me up, so I can be free.” –Alayna.
Erotica romance author and owner of one of the largest publishing companies, Damon Lear, has a secret that keeps him out of relationships and into behavior that is taboo to many. He is willing to set his strict rules aside for one memorable night with romance writer, Alayna Wynn, who he meets at his friend’s wedding. He fails at propositioning her, but they share one heated kiss, and he assures her they will meet again.
Damon gets his opportunity to seduce her when he rescues Alayna, keeping her from being stranded in an airport. Unable to leave his penthouse for days, she discovers it is impossible to resist the handsome, mysterious man who wants nothing more than to make her submissive.
When Alayna’s needs are not met, they both try to move on, but Damon sees that living the way he did before she walked in and out of his life is now impossible. He lures her back, and Alayna falls deeper into his world of BDSM. She is surprised to find it thrilling and wants to please Damon more than ever, being a willing participant in his hot fantasies.
Their relationship is soon threatened when details from Damon’s past are leaked to the media, forcing him to share with her his darkest secrets. Exes resurface, family interfere, and paparazzi stalk them, causing chaos. During it all, Damon battles to hold on to control by pushing Alayna sexually, introducing her to new, enthralling experiences. He soon realizes he’s losing the hold on his heart when he witnesses Alayna fighting for the both of them and submitting to him completely.
This is a sexy, steamy erotica romance that will leave you wanting more.
For a mature audience due to explicit sexual scenes and harsh language.
Alayna Wynn may be a successful romance novelist but the love on her pages doesn't translate to love in real life. A humiliating break up has left Alayna with no self confidence and dreading her best friend's wedding. All hopes of hiding during the festivities are lost when Alayna spots a tall dark gladiator of a man who won't stop staring her down. This man is out of her league but something about him makes her want to learn how to play.
Damon Lear doesn't do romance, he does sex. The kind of sex that would send a sweet vanilla romance writer running. The head of an internationally respected publishing house and a successful erotica author in his own right, Damon gets what he wants and what he wants is the curvy redhead who looks like she's afraid he may eat her alive. She can run but he's got a plan to catch her... and then tie her to his bed.
What I Loved: If you're a fan of sexy alpha male billionaires with dark and shady pasts who also happen to have a fondness for BDSM - you are going to love this trilogy. I started reading thinking I was only going to read the first section but once I started reading I couldn't put One Urge, One Plea, Keep Me down. Alayna and Damon have great chemistry and getting both of their POV's really added to the build and intensity of their relationship. Alayna may be innocent when the story begins but I was caught by her spunk. Author Scarlet Wolfe does a great job portraying a grown woman entering into a BDSM relationship but maintains her independence and self-worth.
What I Didn't Love: If you're a fan of sexy alpha male billionaires with dark and shady pasts who also happen to have a fondness for BDSM  (I know that's repeated from the What I Loved section) there may be parts of the story that feel a little too familiar. I found myself comparing to FSOG, Crossfire Series, This Man Series. As I loved those books this is just a small nitpick.
Favorite Quotes:
"Sculpt my body into what you see in your mind... into what you desire. Paint me with marks, bruises and bites. Please, Damon, do whatever you crave... what you need to keep only wanting me."
"I want you to know that this ominous cloud following you every day, it doesn't have to be there, and I'll stand under it with you until you believe."
"Damn Lear is a taker of souls. My body is a smoldering fire when he's near, and the vivid thoughts of him possess my mind."
Overall One Urge, One Plea, Keep Me Trilogy is a spicy little number that I greatly enjoyed. The story has a solid balance of warm fuzzies with its ton of OMG moments. If you like your romance a little on the wild side, One Urge, One Plea, Keep Me Trilogy is a must read. I will definitely be checking out more  of author Scarlet Wolfe's work.
Happy reading.

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