Jan 16, 2015

*Review* Unsound: An Anthology by Chantal Fernando and M.N. Forgy

Two authors with novellas that you don't want to miss.
Time And Time Again
by Chantal Fernando
I always thought I had luck on my side.
Things seemed to go in my favour, whether by will or by nature.
But that luck just ran out.
Jobless and on the verge of being homeless, I find a strength in me that I didn’t even know existed and discover an unlikely savior --- Tag.
He avoids commitment like the plague, and starting anything with him will only lead to heartbreak.
I know this.
He knows this.
So why am I still here?
Oh, right. Because I want him more than I want my next breath.
The Broken Pieces Of Us
by M.N. Forgy
***WARNING - This is not your typical happily ever after.
Babs is no stranger to the MC world. As an ol’ lady, she takes the hell that comes with it and dishes it out times two. When things take a turn for the worst, it leaves her questioning just how equipped she is for the hell she lives. She thought her marriage with Locks was it; that she had it all. But the past has a way of sneaking up and tearing life apart. Finding herself trapped as Locks’ ol’ lady, with the threat she will be his till the grave, her world spirals out of control. The only person risking it all to save her is the last person she thought would care: Bull.
President of the Devil’s Dust MC, Bull, is good at running women off and is even better at pissing off his brothers. When he sees the way his vice-president is treating his ol’ lady, he tries to keep his thoughts to himself. The one thing Bull insists on in his club is respect and loyalty: respect for the patch, respect for your brother, and loyalty to the club. However, after finding Babs in a harsh predicament after a run in with Locks, he can’t help but step in.

Crossing lines and hurdling around life’s unpredictability, will they find refuge in each other or will they have to endure what life gives them?
I received a copy of this story for an honest review.
Looking for a fast read that covers the bases of sweet, spicy, hopeful and angsty? Unsound may be right up your alley. Time and Time Again features commitment phobic Tag coming to the rescue of sweet but desperate Clara. Can he play the role of white-knight without being able to promise a happily ever after? The Broken Pieces of Us focuses on Devil's Dust MC Bull and tough as nails Babs. Bull has made sure his boys live by the rules of the club but what happens when he breaks rule #1 - falling for his VP's old lady Babs?

What I Loved: Unsound is a quick, well-written read  Its two stories feature interesting couples with solid chemistry and serve as an interesting yin and yang.  Time and Time Again gives one dose of sweet/swoon with The Broken Pieces of Us giving a balancing dose of heat/angst.

What I Didn't Love: When I think of an anthology I tend to think of a strong common theme or some link that runs through the stories written by different authors. I would have a liked a stronger connection between Time And Time Again and The Broken Pieces of Us.

Time and Time Again Favorite Quotes:

"You don't need saving, Clara. You're not weak. You're strong."

"Even if you're not serious about me, I'm serious about you. I'm yours Tag, even if you're not mine."

"Sometimes knights in shining armour are disguised. Sometimes they are covered in tattoos, curse, and talk dirty. And that is perfectly ok with me."

The Broken Pieces of Us Favorite Quote:

"Life give us cards that seem unfair, unfit, giving you an unfair disadvantage to live life as you want it. But that's just it; life doesn't give a fuck what you want. You have to take those cards and see what you can make of them, be grateful for what you have and realize your hand in life could be a lot shitter. Stop thinking about the winning you could have, and make do with what you got."

Unsound is a quick read that has a little something for everyone. I recommend giving this anthology a try.

Happy reading.

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