Jun 28, 2015

*Review* Ride Me Hard (Devil's Host MC #1)

When a big scary biker shows up at Jimmy's Diner fifteen minutes before the end of my shift, covered in tattoos and looking at me like I'm on the menu, I should flip the open sign to closed. But I don't, because I'm too used to doing what I've been told. Too used to working and struggling and surviving to do anything different. A closed sign wouldn't stop him anyway. He's here to collect a debt. And I'm the only one left to pay.
Author's Note: Ride Me Hard is part one in the Devil's Host MC serial.

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

Confession time – I went into Ride Me Hard not the biggest fan of MC (Motorcycle Club) stories. I’ve read a few but never found one that I strongly connected with. Well let me tell you Ride Me Hard has me donning a MC choir robe and singing their praises. Consider me a convert. Now for the story...

Star isn’t just down on her luck, her luck is all tapped out. Counting down the seconds until her shift at Jimmy’s dinner ends for the night, Star knows the moment Noah steps through the door he’s bringing a world of trouble with him.  Noah is the Enforcer for the Devil’s Host and he’s at Jimmy’s to collect a debt. A debt that he’d be willing to accept Star in lieu of.

What I Loved: Ride Me Hard is a hot but beautifully written snapshot of two people who know first hand that fairy tales aren't real coming together and embracing momentary happiness where they can find it. Star and Noah are gritty and real in their take on the world and the give and take they have with each other (as in Noah takes and Star is happy to give). Ride Me Hard is a captivating start to a new serial and I am more than excited to see where Star and Noah's ride takes them.

What I Didn’t Love: For a serial Ride Me Hard is pretty solid. The only thing that would have made this a 5 star read for me would be a little more insight into Star’s life before Noah walked into the dinner. Because this is the first in a serial I didn't need a complete picture but a few snippets to understand what in life would cause Star to hitch her wagon to Noah would have been helpful.

Favorite Quotes:

“I shouldn’t trust him. I should scream and run and break my ankle trying to get away. Instead I turn my face into his palm like a kitten looking to be petted.”

“I feel ruined and perfect. Powerful, desperate and spent. I feel everything at once.”

Ride Me Hard is part one of the 5 part Devil’s Host MC Serial and is followed by Break Me In. My review for Break Me In will be posted soon but I can share it was as good if not better than Ride Me Hard. Author Shari Slade is releasing each of the five parts on a monthly basis so they whole series will be wrapped up by September, so as an added bonus there won't be a long wait between episodes.

Happy reading.

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