Jun 23, 2015

*SPOTLIGHT* Altered State by Ella Dominguez

An erotic psychological thriller. Stand-alone novel.
Warning: Contains detailed sexual encounters & profanity. Intended for readers aged 18+.
Beauty lies in the truth.
A wife with a thirst for revenge desperately trying to save her marriage while hiding in the shadows of her memories... A woman with questionable intentions, a sketchy past and a taste for unavailable men... A husband in love with his wife, a man mesmerized by his mistress, a willing hostage caught between two obsessive women.
A murderer, a liar and a cheater. You think you know which one is which, but nothing is as it seems. 
After all, everyone wears a mask. Some are just better at hiding the truth than others.
Lies will be exposed. Truths revealed. Blood shed. All in the name of something far more potent than love and much more toxic.
Copy of the story provided by author for an honest review.
Altered State was my first read by author Ella Dominguez and let me just say - MIND BLOWN. Raw with edges that will leave you checking yourself for cuts, Altered State is the ultimate brain melt. An intense erotic psychological thriller that kept me guessing, Altered State is unlike anything I've ever read. When I finished reading I actually had to ask myself "What the hell was that?" Kudos to Dominguez for this rare gem. 
Typically when I write a review I give a little overview of the story and then breakdown what I loved and what I didn't love. I'm going to skip that format because there is absolutely no way to break down Altered State like that and not ruin it's various twists and turns. The three main characters - Miranda, Shelby, Zeke - are flawed and completely real. I in turns felt disgust, empathy, anger, and sympathy for each other them. Victims seamlessly become villains, villains become heroes.  
Favorite Quotes: 
"Now that I know where that woman hides herself, or rather, flaunts herself, I can put my plan of attack into motion. Beguile. Befriend. Betray."
"The one who stood by, helpless to do anything when the who slaughtered our parents in front of us and stole our innocence forever."
"I lied. I cheated. I hurt her. Now someone is dead. All because of my love for her."
Altered State is not for the faint of heart and touches on adultery, prostitution, addiction, and mental health issues. The issues raise a lot of questions but if you hang in to the very end of Altered State, everything will be addressed. Altered State threw me for one hell of a loop and for that it gets 5 stars and secures a spot on my favorite reads of 2015 list.
Happy reading. 

A full-time mom and healthcare worker, Ella was born and raised in a sexually repressed, strict Christian household in the bible belt of the USA. This upbringing and repression contributed to her wicked imagination and writing has been her only outlet for her sexual fantasies. Finally at the ripe and sexually primed age of forty, she mustered up enough courage to share her naughty thoughts and put pen to paper. I sincerely hope to find her niche in writing erotica in all forms, be it romance or paranormal.
“I don't consider myself an author. I consider myself an avid reader above all else, and someone who simply writes the stories that the characters in my head tell me to.” - Ella Dominguez

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