Jul 7, 2015

*Review* Unblocked #4 (Timber Towers) by Marni Mann

Derek Block is ready to fight.
Frankie Jordan must make a decision.
Their pasts are demanding attention.
Confessing the truth may not be enough.
But can their intense passion sustain them?
This is Episode Four of the five-episode Timber Towers novella series.
“Tonight is about us, no one else, and that’s the way I want it to stay. No more interruptions,” Derek said.
I took a deep breath and reached for my wine. I wasn’t going to let my brain jump to conclusions. This weekend was about us. Not Taylor. Not Reed. “I agree.”
He leaned into the table, his hand moving higher up my leg. “Kiss me.”
We weren’t in a back booth, and this restaurant wasn’t nearly as private as The Hole. There were more servers, a more open floor plan, many other tables close by. What he was asking for was much more than the peck I had given him before I’d gone to the bathroom. “Those fingers,” I said, placing my hand on top of them, “aren’t planning on going any higher, are they?”
He licked his bottom lip, teasing me with just the swipe of his tongue and the whiskers that surrounded it. “They weren’t, no. But now that I know it’s on your mind, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop them.”

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I received a copy of this story for an honest review.
Unblocked #4 begins right where Unblocked #3 left off, with Derek confronting his sister about her past connection to Frankie and Frankie being forced to choose between her career and Derek. Here are five reasons to Unblocked #4 is worth a read:
1. The heat between Derek and Frankie has been scorching throughout the entire Unblocked: Timber Towers serial but in this episode there is something deeper, richer in their connection. Lust has given way to love and author Marni Mann does a stellar job emphasizing how far her leads have grown in the course of their relationship.
2. Frankie's dilemma of choosing between career success and personal happiness struck a chord with me. As a career woman with a hubby and child, Frankie's struggle felt real. I fell a little bit more in love with Derek in this episode when he put effort into showing Frankie that with the right support she could have the best of both worlds.
3. Taylor, Derek's ex, makes several appearances and boy is she fun to hate. Frankie handles her with a grace that is super refreshing. No girly jealousy from our heroine, just classy smack down. Loved it.
4. Questions that have been posed in episodes 1 - 3 are starting to get answered and episode #4 left me both satisfied and eager for more.
5. Quotes like this - "She wanted me to let her inside... of me, of the things I cared about. She'd seen my skin, and she'd felt it, but she hadn't seen anything beyond my surface."
I love the Unblocked: Timber Towers serial and Unblocked #4 does a brilliant job of moving the story towards the final piece of Frankie and Derek's story. I'm excited for author Marni Mann to bring it on.
Happy reading.

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