Sep 20, 2015

*Review* Vinny (Alvarez Security Agency) by Maryann Jordan

Vinny, The Alvarez Security Series by Maryann Jordan
Former Special Forces brother-in-arms now working together to provide an elite security service in the southern city of Richland. Vinny Malloy, dedicated to his brothers while working for Alvarez Security, loved life the way he loved his music…loud, hard, and fast. When his friends and twin brother settled down, he continued to be devoted to his easy weekend conquests…until his next mission and he discovered that opposites can attract. Annalissa O’Brian, a shy harpist with the Richland Symphonic Orchestra was constantly being told where to perform, regardless of her desire to teach music. When her father hired Alvarez Security to escort her from a LA concert, she had no idea how liberating that decision would be…until she met Vinny. When drugs are found hidden in her luggage, Vinny and Annalissa begin a cross-country escape, staying one step ahead of the drug dealers that are after her and falling for each other along the way. Vinny had to prove to himself that he was worthy of the innocent harpist while keeping her alive at the same time. His love gave her the strength to stand on her own. Her music gave him the healing peace that had been missing.  


I received a copy of this story for an honest review.
As a skilled military field medic Vinny Malloy lived hard and fast in the world of combat. That quick and dirty lifestyle bleed into his taste in music and woman - loud, energetic, and with very little emotion connection. Now serving as a member of the Alvarez Security Agency, Vinny takes each case with the dedication he gave to the care of his fellow soldiers.
Annalissa O'Brian is a respected classical harpist whose star is on the rise, but that success is coming at a price. Annalissa and her prized harp are the target of some very dangerous people and she'll need to trust the rough edged Vinny to keep them both safe.

Can a jaded ex-soldier and an innocent musician work together for the common code? Or will professional/personal lines cross allowing the enemy to slip in unnoticed?

What I Loved: I'm new to the Alvarez Security Series so jump in I thought I may be a little lost. I was pleased to find a fast paced romance/mystery that kept my interest to the very last page. I've read lots of jaded hero/innocent heroine tales where the man is a little to instantly polished up and the woman is way too much of a wilting flower. Vinny and Annalissa's progression toward each other felt natural and there was a balanced give and take.

What I Didn't Love: To create a number red herrings the story has a fairly large cast of characters and the POV bounces back and forth between the two leads and those that wish them harm. At times it got a little confusing and I had to circle back and review a few conversations.

Favorite Quotes:

"Her music had stilled him.  Filled him. Moved him in ways he had not been moved in years."

"Tell me I've got a chance. I know I've lived wild and rough, but please tell me that you might feel something for me too." 

Overall Vinny (Alvarez Security Agency) was a solid read that walked a nice line between sweet romance and exciting mystery. Definitely give this one a chance.
Happy reading.

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