Nov 17, 2015

*Review* A Cub For Christmas by Ella Dominguez

Romantic, sweet and scorching hot.

Part of the Red Hot Holidays Anthology (17 Contemporary Romance Books by Bestselling Authors about Shifters, Billionaires, Officers, Rock Stars, and Alpha Males)

When a chance meeting at a Broadway show leads to an unexpected attraction, things quickly heat up. With Aaron's hypnotic blue eyes distorting Ari's vision and judgment, the loud traffic buzzing in her ears, his masculine scent filling her nose, his body heat enveloping her and his breath ghosting across her lips, it's only inevitable that she give into the temptation of a younger man. How can she deny the allure when she suddenly feels sensory overloaded and more alive than she's felt in a decade?

Set in New York City, the undeniable pull between this May-December romance burns up the pages when Ari realizes that unwrapping her Christmas package is only half the fun.

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

A Cub for Christmas is a phenomenal romantic novella that walks the fine line between sweet and spicy. I absolutely adored this read and cannot recommend it enough to other romance fans. Below are five reasons I think you should check out the story:

1. Well Developed Leads: Often when short stories fall flat for me it’s because the leads are one dimensional and the author relies too heavily on insta-love/insta-lust. Not so with leads Ari and Aaron. In just a few short pages author Ella Dominguez made Ari and Aaron feel very real and with that connection I was able to fall quickly and deeply into their story.

2. Easy Read: I was able to burn through A Cub for Christmas in the time it took for my 5 year old to have her 30 minute swim class. In search of an enjoyable and quick pick me up that will leave you smiling – this is your gem.

3. Christmas: Come on, who doesn’t love a Christmas romance? The holidays add a little extra magic shine to Ari and Aaron’s time together.

4. Dialogue like This:

“Life is like a play, and sometimes that play ends. But sometimes, sometimes, it comes back stronger and with a better cast. It’s revived. There are continuations and sequels and spin-offs, and the characters who were only background characters in the original show suddenly take center stage. But the thing is – you’re not a background character, Ari, you’re a leading lady, and this production doesn’t have to end.”

5. Room for More: The best thing about A Cub for Christmas is that even though it has a completely satisfying conclusion, the door is left open for more of Ari and Aaron’s relationship. And I for one am 100% down for more from this pair. Fingers crossed.

Happy reading.

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