Dec 17, 2015

*Review* Serial Love (Saints Protection & Investigations #1) by Maryann Jordan

Jack Bryant left the Special Forces to begin his private investigation business. Pulling together like-minded men from the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALs, and police, they were devoted to the missions that no one else wanted or could solve.
When the Campus Killer strikes again, Jack’s team is tasked by the Governor to find the killer, using whatever means they can.

While following the trail of the serial killer, he becomes entangled in the life of the beautiful woman living next to his property.

Bethany Bridwell moved in with her grandmother to take over running Mountville Cabin Rentals. She had no time for the handsome, mysterious man living next door who continued to intrude into her life...and her thoughts.

Jack battled his growing feelings for Bethany, worried his life would not allow for the white-picket-fence world she should have. But he was unable to stay away.

When the trail of the Campus Killer strikes close to home, can Jack protect Bethany long enough to give her the future she deserves?

When I found out that Maryann Jordan was spinning off her Alvarez Security books into a new series I was beyond excited. Jordan nails stories of caring and strong alphas and the fierce and independent women who rock their worlds. I’m happy to report that Serial Love (Saints Protection & Investigations #1) is a solid addition to Jordan’s growing lists of novels. If you’re looking for an exciting read that blends romance, mystery, suspense and action – Serial Love is the book for you.

What I Loved: Maryann Jordan nails the perfect balance between engaging romance and nail biting suspense. Jack Bryant and Bethany Bridwell made a solid couple for me to cheer for and their steady build into a real relationship was refreshing. The mystery behind the serial killer Jack and his men are charged with tracking kept me guessing until the final reveal. I was pleasantly surprised and think you will be too.

What I Didn’t Love: There’s very little to pick at in Serial Love. I would have enjoyed a little more detail about the men working for Jack but as this is the kickoff of a new series, I’m sure I’ll get that further down the line.

Favorite Quotes:

“And there it was again… the feeling that someone understood that what she needed was peace.”

“He leaned forward touching lips to her, capturing them in a soft kiss. Not of passion, but one of promise.”

“Now beautiful? Now we’re an us. And the rest, we’ll figure out as we go.”

Serial Love is a solid start to the Saint Protection & Investigations Series and this is a great jump in point for readers new to Maryann Jordan. I can’t wait for the next installment.

Happy reading.

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