Mar 18, 2016

*Review* Seeing Love (Saints Protection & Investigations) by Maryann Jordan

Saints Protection & Investigations
A private investigation business, pulling together men from the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALS, and police, devoted to the missions no one else wants or can solve.

A man who searches for facts:
A former SEAL, Bart Taggart’s career with Saints Protection & Investigations fills his need to take on any mission, see it to the end, and then enjoy his down time with his friends and easy women. A man who searches for facts has no room in his life for deceivers.

His world is turned upside down, when assigned to assist the FBI in searching for a kidnapped boy, he is paired with a dark-haired beauty, unlike any woman he has met.

A woman who with the gift of sight:
Faith Romani, a psychologist and artist, works for the local police occasionally, using her special gift of sight. Tired of hiding her gift if it can be used for good, she strives for acceptance in a world of doubters.

Sparks fly when the two are forced to spend a week close together as they race toward the deadline given by the kidnappers. Will Bart be able to put aside his prejudice to accept that not all truths can be explained? Will Faith be able to understand her visions in time to save the child? Will the two of them be able to forge a partnership…or possibly more?

Seeing Love is a riveting novel that will hold you to the dynamic end!

I received an author's copy of this story for an honest review.

What happens when a man of logic must partner with a woman possessing unique and unexplainable skills in order to save a little boy? Find out in Seeing Love, an action packed read that I highly recommend.

What I Loved: The Saints Protection & Investigation series is on my favorites because each stand alone story blends together exciting roller coaster action/suspense with sweet and touching romance.
Seeing Love is a solid addition to the Saints growing world of alpha males and the strong women who rock them off their foundation. Bart and Faith each get a distinct voice that kept me invested in their journey together, both in solving their case and coming together as a couple.

What I Didn't Love: Overall Seeing Love is a strong story. There are a lot of characters (the Saints team and their significant others, a crime boss and his associates, law enforcement, etc.) and occasionally the background felt a bit cluttered.

Favorite Quotes:

"I can't feel it, touch it, or experience it, then it's not real. And when it comes to people, you need to learn to judge a man by his actions and not just his words."

"Don't ever mistake that faith cannot also be truth. I have faith. Faith in God. Faith in love."

"Shed tears for the living, who exist in darkness. Not for the dead who have moved on to heaven."

Happy reading.

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