May 8, 2016

*Blog Tour & Review* Incompatibly Yours: A Fertility Research Charity Anthology

100% of the profits from the sales of this stunning anthology will be donated to fertility research and support charities and organizations.

Authors: A.C. Bextor, Teresa Gabelman, S.R. Grey & Nina Levine
Book Title: Incompatibly Yours: A Fertility Research Charity Anthology
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 23rd
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Hot Tree Publishing has teamed up with four amazing New York Times, USA Today & Amazon best-selling authors to bring to you four incredible romance stories.

The talented authors have produced new stories especially for our fertility research charity anthology, Incompatibly Yours.

100% of the profits from the sales of this stunning anthology will be donated to fertility research and support charities and organizations. 


For years, Ryleigh has ignored her heart's desire and its ache for the man she's always wanted. Since coming home after years of being away, she discovers her love for him hasn't changed. The only problem is she's no longer the girl she once was. 

Committing her life to teaching the blind, Julie Daniels doesn't expect cowboy Clay Marshall to turn to her for help. As their worlds collide, Clay and Julie discover they have to rely on blind faith to find their own slice of happiness. 

Shy girl Brooks Happ wants nothing more than for her first kiss to come from someone who's her complete opposite, Confident Sebastian Kain fits the bill. Problem is, the world won't cooperate. Time and time again, Brooks's first kiss is interrupted. A cute, funny romantic comedy sure to make you laugh. 

Juliette Taylor never saw Tanner Brady coming and as much as she swears he's all kinds of wrong for her and that she wants nothing to do with him, he's out to show her otherwise. Never in a million years did she think a laid-back tattoo artist could be the man for her, but he's determined to show her that she's his kind of crazy.

I instinctively reach out to grab something to hold on to in an effort to halt my fall. Silly really, because I'm stepping out of the taxi right in front of the hotel lobby doors and there is nothing to grab hold of.
Well, generally there's not.
Today, however, there is.
"I've got you," a man says as his hands slide under my arms and he stops my collapse.
This all happens in a blur, but at the sound of his deep voice, my head snaps up so I can look at him.
Oh. My.
Mesmerising blue eyes capture mine for a moment before I drop my gaze to appreciate his sexy, bearded smile. In my experience, those kinds of lips promise many things that a girl like me doesn't have the time for. I'm all for fun sexy times, but it's the heartbreak a man like him promises that I don't have the time for.
Lips don't lie.
Neither do tattoos, and as my attention diverts from his lips to his neck and down to his arms, I see tattoo after tattoo.
Tattoos and I do not go together.
I gather myself and look back up into his eyes. Steadying myself, I move out of his hold and say, "Thank you."
He's stopped smiling, but his lips twitch and his eyes twinkle. "You're welcome."
I narrow my gaze on him. Why is he looking at me like that? Like I amuse him. "Are you laughing at me?"
He continues to watch me with that same lip-twitching gaze. "Do I look like I'm laughing?"
Gripping my bags tighter, I square my shoulders. "No, but there's something going on in your mind and I'm sure it's some kind of laughter at my expense."
He runs his fingers through his brown hair. He's got one of those haircuts where it's really short on the sides and the rest is styled into that sexy, tousled look—the kind of look that makes my belly flutter. His voice distracts me from thinking about his hair when he replies, "Let's just say I'm amused when a woman, who is clearly attracted to me, flinches at my tattoos. They're just ink on skin; they don't tell you about the kind of man I am underneath all that art."
"I'm not attracted to you," I snap.
I'm not.
His brows rise. "No? Could've fooled me."

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I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this story for an honest review.

When I saw that Hot Tree Publishing was getting together a group of four wonderful authors to create romance stories whose profits would 100% be donated to fertility research and support charities and organizations, I knew I just to be a part. Before the birth of my daughter in 2010 my husband and I struggled for years to conceive. Many medical procedures and tears later we finally got lucky. Numerous girlfriends and coworkers have also struggled.
Thank you to Hot Tree Publishing and authors A.C. Bextor, Teresa Gabelman, S.R. Grey, and Nina Lane for not only shining light on fertility issues but also in creating one of the best anthology's I've had the pleasure of reading. Each story focuses on unlikely couples embracing the love they were meant for, unexpected but true love. From an unrequited childhood crush all grown up to a second chance romance to a teen's hope for a first kiss to opposites attracting, each story in the anthology has a unique voice and satisfying arc. 
Favorite Quotes:
Summer's Bay - "Feelings and acts of love don't change, honey. Love is timeless. And acting on that love is instinct."
Blind Faith - "Opposites attract and last longer than being the same. Being the same is boring."
Kiss, Interrupted - "While I was busy ogling Sebastian - my new favorite pastime - he shot me a curious glance. Though when he took in my bikini, it seemed it was my turn to be ogled by him." 

Her Kind of Crazy - "Sweetheart, sometimes in life you just have to run with it. Some things can't be figured out. They need to be felt and experienced. Sometimes you need to just live your life without second-guessing the outcome."  
I hope you'll pick up a copy of Incompatibly Your: A Fertility Research Charity Anthology. Individually the stories are sweet and the characters are solid. As a whole the anthology made for a happy reading experience that I wholeheartedly recommend.
Happy reading.

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