May 16, 2016

*Review* Honor Love (Saints Protection & Investigation) by Maryann Jordan

Monty Honor Lytton: former dedicated FBI agent and currently an investigator with the Saints. And his life? Boring. Until he met her.

Angel Cartwright: baker and owner of Angel’s Cupcake Heaven. From the colorful stripes in her blonde hair to the decorated confections she created…she knew how to enjoy life.

Their two worlds collided when her friend was murdered and it looked as though Angel was in danger. Racing against the clock to stay one step ahead of the murderer, falling in love was the last thing they expected.

Now that Monty had color in his world, could he keep Angel safe before she became the next victim?

I received an author's copy of this story for an honest review.

What I Loved: Maryann Jordan has created another solid and engaging romance full of sweetness and suspense. Monty and Angel have a natural and easy chemistry that makes the pair pop. I absolutely love Angel's spunk and backbone. There is one scene between Angel and Monty's judgmental mom and hateful ex that just had me cheering.

What I Didn't Love: Honor Love has a core murder mystery that involves a lot of players and a lot of what ifs. The multiple red herrings felt a little like loose ends and I would have loved a little more closure.

Favorite Quotes:

"He owned the kiss as though he wanted to own her body and at that moment she could think of nothing else but the pleasure he gave."

"He loved there was no pretense with her. Not coy... just real."

"I told you I was falling... I wanted you to know that I fell."

Honor Love kept me cheering for its fantastic leads and guessing on the big bad of the story. I recommend checking it out. Those new to Maryann Jordan can jump in with ease as each of her Saints Protection & Investigation series can be read as a standalone.
Happy reading. 

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