Jun 29, 2016

Captive's Kiss (A Watcher's Kiss Novel) by Sharon Kay

It was only supposed to be one hookup. One hot night to ease the mating urge of his race’s fertile period.

But after scorching, up-against-the-wall sex in a darkened club, Tanner can’t get Saige out of his mind. And when he spots her the next day, in league with an enemy, he’s determined to uncover more about her than her delectable curves.

Saige knows Tanner is one of the good guys. And that’s why she can never see him again.

Her life has crumbled into a horrific turmoil, forced to aid criminals in kidnapping men for bloody arena fights. Held against her will, she has no hope of escape from her captors.

Determination rages through Tanner until he tracks Saige down. But rescuing her from her jailers’ sadistic whims means entering her underground hell. Posing as her victim and locked in a cell, he must find a way to save them both before he is pushed into a fight to the death.

*Captive's Kiss was previously published in the Gathering Darkness boxed set.

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

Sharon is one of my favorite paranormal romance authors and her new novella set in the world of the Solsti and Watchers doesn't disappoint.  Chock full of action, suspense and scenes full of off the charts hotness, Captive's Kiss is a fun roll coaster ride of a read. Leads Tanner and Saige are engaging and easy to connect with quickly. Their connection felt very real and I loved that though this was a quick story, the progression of their story felt natural.
Established fans of the Solsti Prophecy and Watcher's Kiss books will find Captive's Kiss a solid addition to the world you've come to love. New readers will find an enticing invitation into a rich and rewarding world of stories that will entice and amaze. All in all, a win.
Favorite Quotes:
"Her scent lingered on his skin, a heady combination of hot seduction with an unexpected tendril of promise."

"Joy bloomed in her heart, and in the glow of dawn, she didn't fight it."

"Her lips met his in a tender kiss as their souls surged, binding them in a whirl of bliss and devotion."
Happy reading.

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