Jun 25, 2016

*Review* Game Master (A Skeleton Key Novella) by Scarlett Dawn

Skeleton Key Book Series 
One Skeleton Key. Endless Adventures.

Arizona Creed lost her assassin father, and her whole world changed.


With one magical skeleton key, Arizona lands in another realm.

Forget Earth. Terlant is the place to be. And Lucifer wants her there, the dashing man with no last name and more secrets than even she has. But love isn’t always enough. Arizona must find purpose in her new life.

The Royal Guard could give Lucifer and Arizona what they desire.

They only need to pass two tests to win the Game and enter the elite Guard.

But is her real test to open her heart to true love?

And will she win her wings to fly into his arms?

Game Master is author Scarlett Dawn's contribution to the Skeleton Key book series. Each book in the series is a standalone fantasy read by a different author and each story comes with the promise of a HEA.  Game Master is a quick, enjoyable read that fantasy fans will love. There's pulse pounding action and as promised - a fun and satisfying HEA.

What I Loved: Arizona Creed is a rock solid heroine and if Scarlett Dawn writes anything else in her POV I will happily read it. Filled with angst but not ruled by it, Arizona has spunk and I totally bought into this teenager falling into another realm and thriving. The action scenes with Arizona and her partner-in-crime Lucifer kept me on the edge of my seat.

What I Didn't Love:
Game Master is heavy on the fantasy/action and light on the love so those looking for heavy romance may be disappointed. A few more scenes of flirtation or a slightly stronger build up to Arizona and Lucifier's romantic relationship would have pushed this novella to an almost perfect read.

Favorite Quotes:

"Simply put - I was a damn scary bitch."

"I physically felt myself splinter. Felt the ripping tear inside my chest. Felt the burning sensation that made my breath catch as memories slowly invaded and began racing until it exploded with all the recollections of our time together."

"He wasn't going to argue. Trust. He had it for me as I did for him."

"I know you're the one for me. My partner. The other half of my soul."

Happy reading.

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