Nov 17, 2016

*Review* Wanting My Stepsister by Alexa Riley

Libby Moore is trying to figure out what to do with her life. She has graduated high school, but there’s only one thing she’s ever truly wanted in life…the one thing she can’t have…her stepbrother, Jasper.

Jasper Lewis tried to get away from the one person he shouldn’t want. But moving only a couple of miles away was a pitiful effort, and he’s tired of resisting what he wants. He’s coming back to claim what’s been his since day one, no matter what the consequences.

This taboo love is so dirty, so wrong, and your lady business is gonna thank you!

Warning: It’s okay if you like it, because this is a judgment-free zone. But these two are about to get it on like their dad may walk in at any moment. Enjoy!!

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

Looking for a quick and energetic read that manages to be both sweet and sexy? Looking for a read that will get your blood pumping and cheering for the leads to get their HEA? Look no further than Alexa Riley's Wanting My Stepsister.

What I Loved: Alexa Riley stories are always good for a walk on the smutty wild side and Wanting My Stepsister packed one heck of a sexy taboo wallop. Lots of dirty thoughts, dirty talk, and dirty deeds. Libby and Jasper have an intense chemistry that adds fuel to their forbidden step-sibling connection. I love Alexa Riley books and this read just added to my desire to read every story in the Alexa Riley repertoire.

What I Didn't Love: You need to go into Alexa Riley books expecting fast over-the-top romances, high on bawdiness and insta-love. There's not a ton of character development but I still enjoyed the story and felt satisfied at it's conclusion.

Favorite Quote:

"The quiet between us is allowing us to bare our secrets, and the safety of it lets me explore my darkest desires."

Happy reading.

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