Dec 29, 2016

*Blog Tour* Blade of Forever: The Complex by Scarlett Dawn

The Complex Book Series.
A Lone Planet. One Complex.
Unlimited Chaos.

Harley never expected to fall into the arms of her enemies.

Much less their bed.

But the stars align when two all-powerful Giants, with supernatural ‘swords’, flip her galaxy upside down. The Complex is one messed up place to find your mates, except when it occurs, there’s no stopping it. Not even when you die.

So what happens when a crafty President, a raging Death bringer, and a snarky Human collide?
One galactic, laugh-inducing, sexy good time.

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

What I Loved: Blade of Forever: The Complex is a short and spicy read that appealed to both my inner romance fan girl and my inner sci-fi fan girl. Interesting foreign worlds with exciting mythology – check. Plucky heroine with lots of attitude and fight – check. Drool worthy alpha males who play by their own rules – super double check. Overall the novella was exciting, engaging and I was pleased with the ending.

What I Didn’t Love: This felt a tad short even for a novella. Gan, Harley and Ol make a solid trio in their few scenes together but I feel like Gan and Harley got the majority of page time and development in the story. I would have enjoyed a little more of what Ol was bringing to the group and with the group together as a whole.

Favorite Quotes:

“War and death taught me I could only depend on myself.”

“The frightened were so easy to fuck with.”

“I was made whole again in the arms of my enemies. I had finally found my happiness.”

I really enjoyed Blade of Forever: The Complex and would recommend it for sci-fi/romance fans who like a quick trip to the worlds beyond with a little heat on the pages.

Happy reading.

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