Jan 24, 2017

*Review* Twisted Desire (A Titan World Novel) by Sharon Kay

From New York Times bestselling author Cristin Harber and Award-winning author Sharon Kay comes an exciting collaboration…

Rhys MacLeod is a warrior first and a hacker second. Preserving the balance of power among supernatural beings is his prime directive, as well as keeping it far from human eyes. The discovery of a man killed by magical force on a Chicago street lands him on an op he didn't expect. He's good, but solving this crime requires a call to the best of the best.

Parker Black of Titan Group never met a network he couldn't infiltrate. Along with Titan team member Locke Oliver and Megan, a scientist who witnessed the murder, they uncover a maze of encrypted files and unethical DNA manipulation.

Rhys is duty bound to keep all supernatural details hidden from his human friends, so identifying the killer becomes more complicated when clues indicate the perp isn't human. And when the murderer shows up at their location, every second counts before its true nature is revealed.

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

What I Loved: Twisted Desire is an action packed read full of exciting characters and a solid mystery that built to a satisfying conclusion. Rhys and Enza are two of my favorite characters from The Watcher's Kiss series and I was beyond ecstatic to get more scenes with them both.

What I Didn't Love: If you haven't read any of The Watcher's Kiss novels you may struggle with the story. Also, the story leans heavier on murder/mystery than romance so don't expect Kay's standard love filled HEA.

Favorite Quotes: 

"Damn. Pouty pink lips taunted him with all kinds of dirty possibilities."

"He was honorable and self-sacrificing. A hero. No one had ever protected her. Not that she'd needed."

"People believing in demons... pointed ears... what was up with this city? Could he have seen that correctly? Nah. He shook his head. Definitely not."

Happy reading.

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