Mar 2, 2017

*New Release & Review* Stolen Princess (The Princess #2) by Alexa Riley

Karim is past the time when he should have chosen a bride, but he never met anyone who caught his eye. Forced to choose, he holds a ball and invites all eligible princesses to attend. And that’s when everything changes.

Giselle’s been tucked away on her father’s land and doesn’t know how the royal world works. It’s her first party, and it’s going terribly until she finds herself alone in a room with a man. A man who wants to make her his.

When Giselle gives him everything and then discovers who he is…well, how good do you think she’ll be at hide and seek?

Warning: It’s instalove at first sight. Literally, like two seconds in. But don’t worry, Karim will find her…and steal her if he has to. 

I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

What I Loved: Let's be honest, I love Alexa Riley stories because they are some of the best popcorn romance stories out there. My life has been super busy lately and Alexa Riley stories are quick, fun reads that are little bursts of happy that I can enjoy in one sitting. The Princess stories have me hooked and Stolen Princess is a golden nugget of dirty fairytale fun. Karim and Giselle were adorable ... in between their blush inducing moments. I can't wait for the next in the series. 

What I Didn't Love: I know what I'm getting when I jump into an Alexa Riley story so I am beyond satisfied with the overall story. Would I have liked a little more information about Karim and Giselle's respective kingdoms? Yes, it would have made the story richer and maybe pushed it to 5 stars. That said, the story still works without it.

Favorite Quotes: 

"She was mine the instant I laid eyes on her, and I pity the man who tries to take her from me. If anyone steps between me and what's mine, I will end their life. And this sweet, delicate angel is mine."

"You could deny my touch for a thousand years and I would still be at your feet waiting, hoping that one day you would grant me the pleasure. I'm yours, and I must be with you, no matter where on this earth you hide."

"An heir conceived in passion will rule with virtue and strength. Create the life that will rule my kingdom and bless our marriage."

Happy reading.

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