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About Lisa

Hello everyone! 

My college sweetheart Jeff and I have been married for almost 14 years and we are proud parents to a little book junkie in training, our girl Adelaide Rose. We currently reside in Phoenix, MD. I spend my days in the fascinating world of Compensation Analysis for Johns Hopkins University and my evenings are spent escaping into various literary adventures. At any given time if you peeked in my purse you'd find my Kindle and at least one paperback book (my version of always being prepared). I will be forever grateful to my mom and dad for signing me up for my first library card when I turned five. It was love at first read and I've never looked back.

About Megan 

Hey everyone! 

I'm a 26 year old wife and mother from Illinois! My husband and I are high school sweethearts ...(okay, let me be honest, I was the only one in high school...) and I'm so thankful he let's me have so much time to read. I'm very busy with our son and daughter. I've been a special education and preschool teacher for 4 years! This is shocking to most people because apparently my mouth would make sailors and truckers blush and I have a really perverted mind but oh well. 
My days are stressful so last year I started looking for hobbies to keep me sane. My younger sister recommended reading The Help even though I was behind everyone else, but I did and loved it. Then 50 Shades of Grey was being passed around my school so I dived right into those and read them all twice in 3 days. From them on I devoured any book thrown my way. I've learned that I love bad boys and rock stars!
I recently had the privilege to start beta reading for a few authors and I love it! I'm excited to start doing reviews more often and look forward to having more people to chat about book boyfriends with!

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